A Guide to the Long Term Storage of E-Liquid

A Guide to the Long Term Storage of E-Liquid

There are so many wonderful eliquid flavours that you probably don’t want to confine yourself to just the one. You may also have discovered flavours that you feel you can’t live without. Either way you will soon develop a stock pile of juice. Your secret stash should ensure that you always have your favourite flavours on tap but long term storage can present its own problems.

There is nothing more soul destroying than reaching for a treasured juice only to discover that the flavour has changed or disappeared altogether. An e-liquid can degrade over time if stored incorrectly, leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth – literally. So how do you preserve your special flavours for longer?

Light and Heat

The first thing to note is that heat, light and even the air can degrade an e-liquid if it is stored for a long time. This is because molecules in the juice behave differently when heated, causing changes to the way that the ingredients interact with each other. If the nature of the compound changes then the flavour can too. In addition, any exposure to light and air can result in the nicotine oxidising which will also affect the flavour of the e liquid.

You have probably guessed by now that the best place to store you eliquid in a cool and dark place. In fact you can store your juice in your fridge or freezer. Cooling your liquid to this extent will result in it thickening so do allow the e liquid to return to room temperature before you start vaping.

Plastic or Glass?

If your eliquid is supplied in a plastic bottle then the flavour can deteriorate eventually even if the bottle remains sealed. Plastics can be permeable to air and will expose your juice to light so glass bottles are preferable for long term storage and darkened glass is the best option. If your juice did not arrive in glass bottles then you can invest in your own for storage purposes.

Store your eliquid in glass bottles with the tops firmly screwed on and place them somewhere cool and dark. Wherever you store your juice keep do take care to keep it out of the reach of children and pets.