All About Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarettes

All About Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarettes

The first experience of electronic cigarettes people have is usually with ‘cigalikes’, those small devices purchased from garages or supermarkets that look just like cigarettes, that come in a small selection of flavours, to be disposed of after the cartridge inside runs out. However, the main reason most people stick with vaping isn’t because of cigalikes, it’s because of personal e cigs that can be customised in lots of different ways to make each users vaping experience completely unique to their taste. One of the main ways to customise your vaping experience is with a variable voltage e cigarette. Of course you can swap and change eliquid flavours and the look of your mod, but having variable voltage takes your personalised vape experience to a whole new level.


Certain eliquid flavours taste better with more or less heat and the flavour and temperature produced are all distinct variables which will personalise your vaping experience.


The Technicalities


It is important to understand what variable voltage/ wattage actually is. Wattage basically means how much heat is created by the atomizer or tank. By changing the wattage, you are changing the amount of heat produced and are therefore able to adjust your vaping to suit your taste.


The atomizers in control of the wattage or voltage will have different resistance levels, measured in ohms.


How Does It Work?


Vaporizers with variable voltage work just like normal e cigarettes, only they have the ability to store and regulate power from the battery, enabling users to adjust the heat.


The Difference Between Variable Voltage And Variable Wattage


Variable Voltage


With variable voltage you can set the e cigarettes voltage to the best voltage range your e cigarette is able to handle. The higher the cartomizer ohm, the higher the voltage capability.


Variable Wattage


With variable wattage you can set the power output anywhere up to 15 watts regardless of the ohm or resistance of your cartomizer. So if you set a wattage and swap cartomizers with different ohm’s. the wattage remains the same.




One of the main reasons people switch to variable voltage e cigarettes is because they create much more vapour than the small clouds created by standard e cigarettes or ‘cigalikes’. This is desirable for many people looking to recreate that ‘authentic’ cigarette experience when vaping.


Should I Use Variable Voltage?


This all depends on your knowledge and experience of vaping. If you’re fairly new, variable wattage and voltage can be a bit tricky to get your head around, and you may not benefit fully from the throat hit available with these devices if you are generally a light smoker and perhaps vape on a wattage of 3.7 or lower anyway. Plus, if you’re new to vaping it is important you don’t invest in a really expensive piece of kit at the beginning as you’ll be getting used to what you do and don’t like, and may want to swap and change accordingly. Generally speaking variable voltage e cigarettes are more expensive.