How To Use A Standard Electronic Cigarette

How To Use A Standard Electronic Cigarette

Congratulations! You’ve started using e cigarettes! You’ve got your device sitting in its box ready to go, and now what? Well, it’s time for you to do a little research. If you’re wanting to enjoy your vaping experience as much as possible, there are a few little tips and tricks to follow. It won’t be perfect at first and you will need to keep educating yourself and experimenting to get your perfect device, eliquid and approach to vaping before you find an e cigarette style to suit you – but that’s all part of the fun!

In this article we look at basic tips for using a regular e cigarette. Please note these tips will not apply to all e cigarettes and some will be used differently – always refer to the retailer or manufacturer’s advice.

Charging The Battery

It is most likely you’ll get a USB charger for your e cigarette, however in some cases you may get a different type of charger but that is unlikely – most use USB’s. Your charger is important to make sure you keep it safe. To charge your e cigarette simply screw the battery into the threaded end of the charger. Depending on the e cigarette battery and the charger, you may get various different indications letting you know the battery is charging or has fully charged – check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you know how to check it is charging and/ or has fully charged.

Cartridges/ Cartomizer

You may have an e cigarette with three components – a battery, atomizer and cartridge. Or you may have an e cigarette that has two components – a battery and atomizer/ cartridge combination. When using a cartridge you use the small atomizer that comes with it screw it on the battery then place the cartridge over the atomizer. With cartomizers you twist them into your e cigarette battery.

Using The E Cigarette

Your e cigarette with either have a manual or an automatic battery. With manual batteries you press a button which enables you to pull and produce vapour.

Press the button just before you pull (suck and inhale) and this will enable you to take in more vapour. With automatic batteries, vapour is produced automatically when you inhale.

Replacing Your Cartridge/ Cartomizer

When the battery on your device is full or nearly full and you’re noticing your vapour doesn’t taste as nice as usual, or you’re not creating as much vapour as you did before, you might need to replace your cartomizer or cartridge. Simply purchase a new one and replace as per the steps above, just remember to anticipate the need for this replacement so you don’t have to go without your e cigarette for a few days waiting for a delivery.

Eliquid Flavours

Most people start vaping using eliquid flavours that replicate the cigarettes they used to smoke. After some time, they may then try some of the many incredible flavours available. Fruity ones, pudding flavoured ones, alcohol flavoured ones, savoury ones – the list is endless.

Refilling The Cartomizer Or Cartridge

Take the cartridge from the e cigarette and hold it so the sponge inside it is visible to you. Then simply drop eliquid onto the sponge until it is soaked in eliquid. When this is completed you place the cartridge back onto your e cigarette and vape as normal. When the cartridge leaks or the sponge looks worn you will need to replace the cartridge. With cartomizers you slowly drop eliquid onto the filler material until the material looks wet. You then place the cartomizer back onto the e cigarette. Avoid letting your cartomizer burn out before refilling it as this will give you a nasty taste in your mouth and may render it unusable.