What Different Types Of Electronic Cigarette Are There?

What Different Types Of Electronic Cigarette Are There?

Pretty much everyone has heard of electronic cigarettes now, after all every other person in the street is using one and they are in the news nearly every day. If you’ve heard about them and want to know more, a good place to start is with the different types available. You can get disposable ones, refillable ones and variable voltage ones – all of which are explained below.


The Main Types Of E Cigarettes


There are 3 main categories of e cigarettes, disposable ones or ‘cigalikes’ that look just like normal cigarettes. Refillable e cigarettes that are larger than cigalikes and can be refilled with eliquid. Then there are variable voltage e cigarettes which can be customised and adjusted so you can personalise your vaping experience.


Cigalikes – Disposable E Cigarettes


Disposable cigarettes are usually the first e cigarette people will come across when they are introduced to vaping. They are available to buy in garages, shops, supermarkets and are usually sold in the same section as tobacco products. They are designed to look like cigarettes, but they are heavier and the end that would glow when lit with a lighter if it was a normal cigarette it is lit from inside with an LED when the user inhales the vapour.


Some are disposable and get thrown away after they run out, others can be charged and have replaceable cartridges. These can be a good vaping starting point for some people, however they do come with some negatives that may give people the wrong impression of vaping, leading them to return to smoking normal cigarettes. They don’t tend to provide much vapour, they have a very short battery life, the cartridges need replacing regularly and they don’t come in a large selection of flavours. Most people do swap to a refillable or variable voltage e cigarette quickly after using cigalikes.




Refillables are incredibly popular and are incredibly cost effective. You can easily refill them with eliquid which isn’t very expensive at all and comes in a huge range of flavours and nicotine strengths. They often have a good battery life and provide a satisfying vape. General starter kits will give you everything you need to get vaping straight away, however it is worth getting a kit which includes two batteries or purchasing an extra battery as it means while one is charging, you can be using the other one, so you never have to go without.


Variable Voltage


These are the devices people tend to switch to after ‘moving their way up’ through cigalikes and refillables. They enable users to completely customise their vaping experience, which is extremely desirable. You have control over the power of your e cigarette which means you can control how much heat is applied to the eliquid, which is great as some taste better with more heat, others with less. The power will also affect how much vapour is produced. VV e cigarettes also tend to have lots of additional features. Generally it is advised new users do not purchase VV e cigarettes as they tend to be the most expensive type to buy and it may be that you do not yet have the experience or knowledge to know what type of vaping experience you want. As with any new hobby, it’s better to spend a small amount at the beginning trying different products out before investing in something you know will suit your needs.