What is E Liquid?

What is E Liquid?

What is e-Liquid?

E-Liquid is the substance that you use in electronic cigarettes. The e liquid is what gives the e cigarette the flavour and the vapour, as well as the hit of nicotine. E liquid may also be refered to as e juice of vape liquid, but they are all the same thing.


What does e-Liquid Contain?

The basic ingredients of e-Liquid include either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin), artificial flavoring and nicotine. You can get some e liquids that do not have any nicotine in it. Eliquid with nicotine will usually contain between 0.01% – 2.4% of the nicotine substance.


The Propylene Glycol is a basically a chemical which acts as a main ingredient in medicines and also food products. Propylene glycol is non-toxic, and differs from VG as it is not so smooth. Vegetable Glycerin is much thicker and more difficult to absorb. You can also get e liquids which contain both VG and PG combined for the best of both worlds.


What strengths are available?

E liquid contains nicotine which comes in varying strengths. The bottles will indicate the amount of nicotine in the e liquid substance, which ranges from high strengths at 24 mg, to 18 mg which is an average strength, 12 mg, and then a low 6 mg strength.


Generally speaking, a 12mg nicotine strength e-liquid is the same as around 12 real cigarettes. Choosing your e liquid strength is all about unique tastes and habits. E liquid can actually deliver adequate and similar levels of nicotine as normal cigarettes so you should not experience any withdrawals from stopping your ordinary cigarette smoking habit.


Does E Liquid Produce Smoke?

The e liquid burns in the e cigarette which produces a vapour. The e liquid vapour is a visual smoke, much like you see when someone smokes a normal cigarette. Most users of the e cig prefer to choose an e liquid that gives off a thick vapour, this is because it is similar to traditional tobacco smoke. However, it is not harmful to inhale like normal cigarette smoke. It does not contain carbon monoxide or all the other chemicals associated with traditional cigarette smoke.


What feeling does e liquid give you when using your e cig?

When inhaled, the e liquid gives you a hit or throat feeling which is what makes smoking the e cigarettes a quality experience. Most premium e liquids have adjusted formulas to ensure that the user receives to feel of the vapour hitting the back of the throat, much like when smoking a real cigarette.


What will I taste?

The taste of the e cigarette is probably what is considered one of the most important aspects of the smoking experience. You can choose traditional tobacco flavours to truly mimic a real cigarette taste, or like many other people you might choose the more diverse flavours like menthol, vanilla, chocolate, apple, orange, honey and many more. You can even buy DIY E liquid kits to mix your own flavours in from the Simply E Liquid website. This allows you to experiment and be truly creative!


Is E Liquid Safe?

Yes, e liquid is safe and fully approved. Keeping your e liquid safe and away from children in your own home is important. Do not leave it out where children or your family pet can get to it and also be careful when you refill your cartridges that you don’t over fill them too much. You should also remember never to ingest e liquid and do not use too higher nicotine strengths for your body.