How Do Electronic Cigarettes Compare To Cigarettes?

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Compare To Cigarettes?

When you’re considering switching from normal cigarettes to e cigarettes, it’s important to understand that you won’t ever really know how the two compare until you give vaping a go. Of course though, it’s always worth doing a little bit of research to have a good idea of what to expect, which is why we’ve created this handy article letting you know how electronic cigarettes compare to normal cigarettes.

The Weight

Any e cigarette you use whether that’s a mod or a ‘cigalike’ will be heavier than a normal cigarette. You will get used to this weight difference extremely quickly and will probably enjoy being able to hold the device in various different positions comfortable to you because it can’t burn you like a normal cigarette and you can actually grip it properly.

The Taste

Vaping is not smoking, so it’s going to taste a little different. There are a huge variety of tobacco, sweet and savoury flavours of eliquids available but none exactly replicate the actual taste of a cigarette – but they are very close! This isn’t a bad thing, as the throat hit and vapour, plus the nicotine and hand to mouth action will all satisfy your cravings and it’s unlikely you’ll actually crave the ashy taste provided by a normal cigarette after a few days. Lots of people start vaping e cigarettes with eliquid that tastes like what they used to smoke IE menthol cigarettes or cigars, then they start to branch out and enjoy the vast range of eliquid flavours available.

Throat Hit

The throat hit you get when you vape can be very similar to the throat hit you get when you smoke a normal cigarette, but it can take a bit of experimentation to get this right. With the right device, nicotine level and eliquid flavour, it is possible to get just as satisfying a throat hit with an e cigarette as it is with a normal cigarette.


The style of e cigarettes varies greatly, and more and more styles are being produced and sold every day. However, at the very beginning of your e cigarette journey, it’s comforting to know there are devices available that look just like normal cigarettes. If you don’t want everyone to know you’re trying to quit smoking, or want the visual comfort of using something that looks like a normal cigarette, ‘cigalikes’ are an ideal choice because they look just like normal cigarettes. When you’ve gotten used to vaping you can then branch out to larger, more elaborate and customizable e cigarettes that enable you to personalise your vaping experience.

The Vapour

When you smoke cigarettes, you produce clouds of smoke when you exhale. A lot of people try to quit smoking and use nicotine replacement inhalers which do not produce anything at all when you exhale. This can be disatisfying for some people, as they miss the smoke leaving their mouth after they exhale. With e cigarettes you get vapour which looks almost exactly like cigarette smoke, only it doesn’t smell bad, isn’t as toxic as normal cigarette smoke and it provides that satisfying cloud when breathed out.

The Choice

With normal cigarettes and rolling tobacco there is a large selection of tobacco flavours available, but the selection isn’t a patch on what is available with e cigarettes. You can get fruity flavours, tobacco flavours, cigar flavours, mixed flavours, cocktail flavours and even savoury flavours – and the list of possibilities just keeps on growing! So vaping opens up an entire universe of tasty possibilities, something you don’t get with normal cigarettes.