How to Refill an Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer

How to Refill an Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer

E-cig cartomizers are inexpensive and are meant to be disposable items. However, if you know how, they can be refilled and reused several times. Refilling your cartomizers with your favourite e-liquid will enable you to extend the life of a perfectly usable accessory and will save you money in the process.

There are two methods that you can employ to refill your cartomizers – the drip method and the push method. In both cases you should start by unscrewing the battery. It is inevitable that some juice will leak during the refilling process. This will make a considerable mess and will ruin an automatic battery. Prefilled cartridges should be filled with the same eliquid as before or cleaned out first to avoid unfortunate flavour combinations.

The Drip Method

This is the easiest way to refill a cartomizer. First find something that you can insert into the small hole in the plastic cap at the top of the cartomizer. You can then flip it off. Some caps will release easily others will be glued in place and so require the application of a little force. If the cap breaks when you try to remove it then you can always use one from a discarded cartomizer. If there is a small rubber ring covering the filler material then remove this too.

When you can see the filler material check for burn marks because if the wick is burnt it will produce an unpleasant flavour and so there is little point in refilling the cartomizer. If the wick looks good then you are ready to drip. Take your e-liquid and carefully drip it around the edge of the inside of cartridge rather than to the centre. Spread the juice around until the filler material becomes saturated. The cartridge will hold 25 to 30 drops. If a puddle starts to form then you have overdone it and should use some tissue to remove any excess e liquid. Blow through the battery connector end of the cartomizer to ensure that all excess e liquid has been cleared.

Set the cartomizer aside for a few minutes before vaping with it to allow the wick to completely absorb the eliquid. Then replace the cap and crew the battery back on.

The Push Method

This is also known as the condom method and comes in handy if the cartomizer cap is difficult to remove. Only use this method in conjunction with manual batteries or sealed automatic batteries as leakage is inevitable because you can’t see if all of the juice has been absorbed.

New cartomizers come with plastic covers at each end. You will need one of these for the push method. Use a cover without a counter seal. Fill the cap with about 10 drops of e liquid. Take the cartomizer and place the battery connector end into the plastic cap and push it down as far as it will go. This will force the eliquid up into the cartridge. Wait a few seconds, pull out the cartomizer, wipe off any excess e-liquid and then repeat the process until no further juice will be absorbed.

Top Tips

Remember that cartomizers are designed to be disposable and so eventually the atomizer will begin to burn and your vaping experience will diminish. Cartomizers last longer if you refill them before the eliquid completely runs out. E-liquids with a high ratio of VG (vegetable glycerin) are thicker and can lead to a build-up of gloopy residue on the coils which will shorten their lifespan.

Always try to prevent eliquid from coming into contact with your skin if it contains nicotine. Clean any juice from your hands and from your devices carefully when you have finished refilling.