How To Refill Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

How To Refill Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Cartomizers don’t cost much money and most people tend to chuck them in the bin after they’ve been used. And that’s fair enough seeing as most vendors say they are disposable. However, lots of people choose to refill their cartomizers to save money.

In fact, it’s possible to refill cartomizers several times before chucking them in the bin if you know how to do it right. It doesn’t matter what cartomizer you are using, the process is always the same.

First, detach the cartridge from the battery, do not refill it while it is still attached as there’s a large possibility the e liquid will drip through the end and onto the battery which will kill it if it’s an automatic. With manuals you still want to avoid leaking e-liquid, so always detach the cartomizer before doing anything else.

If you’re using a cartridge that has been prefilled only ever refill it with the same type and flavour of eliquid, or clean it first as if you combine different flavours you will probably get a pretty gross flavour which will mean you have to throw the cartomizer away anyway.


Drip Method

This is the easiest method, and the way you’ll see most people refilling their cartomizers. Simply take the top plastic cap off the end and use a small, pointy object to do this. Depending on the type of cartridge you’re dealing with, this might take a little bit of effort. If it breaks when you pull it off, use an old cartomizer cap or drip tip. If your cartomizer has a rubber ring covering the filler material, remove that before adding eliquid. You should be able to see the filler material clearly.

Before you add any eliquid, check the wick for burn marks. If the wick is burnt, you will need to throw the cartridge away as it will ensure any eliquid you try to vape tastes burnt, regardless of anything else you do. If the wick is fine, angle the cartomizer in your hand and drip e liquid onto the sides of the cartridge. Do this slowly until the filler material is saturated. If a little puddle of e liquid appears after a few seconds, you have added too much so use kitchen roll to remove the excess and blow on the battery connection end just to make sure none has dripped through. When you have completed this you can simply replace the cap, attach the cartomizer to the battery and begin vaping.

Condom Method

If you struggle to get the caps off your cartomizers, this is a good method to use. It isn’t as easy as the drip method but it’s easier if you do struggle with those caps.

It is important to mention that this method should only be used when you have a manual battery or sealed automatic battery, because you will get leaks as you cannot check filling material absorption with this method.

For this method you will need a rubber cover without a centre seal, the ones that come on both ends of the cartomizer. Fill it with e-liquid (10 drops), then push the cartomizer with the battery connected end towards the cover all the way down. This makes the eliquid go into the cartridge where the filler material sucks it up through the wick. After 2 or 3 seconds, take out the cartomizer, use kitchen roll to wipe away e-liquid and then repeat the process again and again until the eliquid isn’t absorbed any more.