Innokin Cartomisers

Electronic cigarette brands and models are as unique to an individual as the brand of a regular cigarette; what works for one person will not meet the needs of another. The Innokin range varies in power, charging time and battery life as well as how the electronic cigarettes need to be refilled and have parts replaced. In general terms electronic cigarettes can be split into three specific types – atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers. While atomisers and cartomisers are very similar, the clearomiser differs in several technical elements as well as generally being larger and more powerful. The cartomiser has a e-liquid capacity than the atomiser and us easier to refill and rebuild if needed. The main element of the cartomiser is the polyfill wrapped heating coil. The liquid soaks into the polyfill and is then heated by the coil to produce the vapour that is inhaled. Cartomisers may have a larger capacity that atomisers, but this capacity’s usage is still limited by the heating process and the time required for the heating element to recharge with liquid. This makes a cartomiser unsuitable for heavy vaping use. If suitable time is not given for the unit to refill the cartomiser can burn dry and potential render the unit unusable.