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Innokin is relatively new to the electronic cigarette market, but it is making large strides, particularly in the North American market with its unique range of products. Founded in 2011, the company’s goal is to combine technological innovation, leading designs and high standards of quality in every product that it takes to its customers. Innokin products are based on simplicity and control. Users are easily able to add their chosen flavour and select the precise power output they require for their perfect taste and amount of vapour. There are four globally recognised brands within the Innokin range – iTaste, iClear, CoolFire and its most recent the Lily. Innokin splits its operations between Shenzhen, China and California, U. S., with its factory being based in China. The company prides itself in creating products that are kinder to the environment than disposable e-cigs and ensures that every product is rigorously tested before going on sale. All products in the Innokin range must adhere to at least the following certifications: ISO9001 & ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, FCC. The brand is also proud that its team of engineers and designers have delivered 16 Design Patents, 16 Patents for Utility Models and 17 Processing Patents since the company started.