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iSmoka Coils

iSmoka Coils

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iSmoka Electronic Cigarette Coils

If you are new to vaping then you might be confused by all the terminology! The coil head is the heating element in an e cigarette atomizer which heats the e-liquid so that vapour is produced.

Over time the exposure to the heat and liquid causes the coil’s performance to deteriorate. You might not notice the drop in performance at first but eventually you will start to experience problems. It is then time to replace your coil head.

Regular vapers should replace their coil every three to four weeks.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your E Cigarette Coil?

You may notice that your juice isn’t as full flavoured as it used to be and that less vapour is produced. Your coil isn’t heating up as much as it did when it was new and so can’t vaporise the liquid as effectively. A failing coil might also result in gurgling noises and could cause any liquid that has failed to vaporise to travel up into your mouth. Coils contain wicks to soak up the liquid and these can become burnt when a coil nears the end of its life. If this happens you can experience unpleasant flavours and a dry hit with a burnt taste.

Chain vaping can cause a coil to overheat even when the voltage is adjusted as there isn’t enough time for the coil to cool between vapes.

Replacement Coils

If you vape with the iSmoka 1.6ml BCC cartomizer then we have the replacement coil heads that you need. Our 5 pack represents exceptional value. Choose 2.5ohm resistance if you want your heads to last as long as possible. If strength of flavour is your priority then opt for 1.8ohm resistance. Either way you will have the coil heads that you need to ensure that you maximise your vaping pleasure.