Pina Colada E-liquid Reviews

Name: Amy Jones


E-liquid reviewed: Pina Colada E-Liquid


My favourite eliquid ever. EVER. Was looking for an eliquid that had loads of different flavours going on, and I found it. The flavour is not sickly, at all which I know was a worry for me considering that the drink itself can be a bit sickly if it’s not made right. The mixture of coconut and pineapple I found to be super refreshing, not sickly. Very easy to vape all day without getting bored or again, feeling sick. Love Simply Eliquid, have been customers for a long while now and customer service is always epic. Would never buy eliquid from another site. Although Pina Colada is my fave, like the fact new flavours are always appearing on the site. Also love the fact I can customise the order to my taste.


Rating: 5 / 5 stars