Premium E Liquid

Premium E Liquid

Why you should only buy Premium E Liquid from Simply E Liquid

If you are considering purchasing e-liquid, you have come to the right place. Simply E Liquid supply a wide range of e liquids in varying nicotine strengths and flavours to suit your style and habit.


Many new users of the electronic cigarette have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a nicotine strength. However, you can easily figure out what nicotine strength would be best for you by considering a few points and also experimenting from then on until you find one that you are really happy with.


Generally speaking, e-liquids come in several strengths. This includes high strength, medium strength, low strength, and you can even get eliquid which has no nicotine in them whatsoever. The key is in looking for the milligrams of nicotine on the e liquid bottle. High strength nicotine levels would be anything around 24 mg, which then reduces to 18 mg, 12 mg, and then a low 6 mg strength.


When you look at e liquid strengths even closer, you will know that a medium strength of nicotine, which is around 12 milligrams of nicotine, would mean that there are 12 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. This means a 12mg nicotine strength e-liquid is the same as about 12 real cigarettes. This means that you get a lot more for your money when it comes to comparing e liquid with real cigarette use.


Some people might suggest that as a new user of the electronic cigarette, you need to choose strong e-liquid strengths for the first time so as to avoid nasty withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking real cigarettes. However, the more experienced e-cigarette user will know that the electronic cigarette and its e liquid can actually deliver adequate nicotine levels so you should not experience any side effects or withdrawals, provided that you have chosen the appropriate nicotine strength for your habit.


When choosing your e liquid strength you should think carefully about your own smoking habits. You might be a light smoker, in which case you probably could handle a lower strength of e liquid. However, if you are a heavier smoker then you will probably need a higher nicotine level. Because nicotine is the addictive ingredient in a cigarette, you should buy e liquid that best matches your current nicotine usage so that you can get used to the electronic cigarette. Some users of the e cigarette use the fact that you can buy e liquid in various strengths to effectively wean themselves off smoking gradually. This is achieved through gradually reducing the nicotine strengths over time.


When considering which e liquid strength to purchase you should also consider your personal preferences for smoking. You should think about how much and how often you smoke because if you don’t smoke very frequently, then you might prefer a stronger e-liquid strength to give you less frequent boosts of nicotine levels during times like your coffee break. The opposite applies if you like to smoke throughout the day continuously. You may want to choose a lower nicotine strength e liquid so you don’t ingest too much nicotine throughout the day. Other people like to vary their nicotine levels depending on the time of day or mood.