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eGo Electronic Cigarette Accessories

When you love vaping what’s the worst that can happen? The answer is probably a flat battery when you have no replacement on hand! E cigarettes need their batteries in order to function. When the batteries give up the ghost then there’s no more vaping until you can charge your battery or find a replacement. Wouldn’t it be better to carry at least one spare? At Simply Liquids we know that you want to keep on vaping and so we have the batteries and accessories you really need for your e cigarette vaping kit. If you vape with eGo electronic cigarettes then we certainly have you covered!

eGo Batteries and Charge Leads

Our range includes replacement eGo 1000mah, 1300mah, 1300mah Twist and Rainbow Twist batteries. You simply can’t afford to be without these high performing batteries and with our great prices you will be able to stock up on as many as you need. Don’t forget to grab a charge lead for your eGo e cigarette too!

Ego Cartomizers and Coil Heads

If you are an eGo enthusiast then our range also features eGo cartomizers and replacement coil heads. If we are confusing you with the terminology then then the coils are the heating elements that turn that lovely eliquid into satisfying vapour. Coil heads need replacing regularly so grab the replacements that you need today. eGo Finishing Touches You might never want to put your electronic cigarette away but sometimes you have to! Treat yourself to an eGo case or lanyard so that your ecig is always somewhere safe and easy to find. Keep your vaping kit fully stocked with eGo accessories from Simply eLiquids