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When purchasing coils for your Eleaf product it is essential that you check the compatibility of the coil with your electronic cigarette. This is important as some of the coils are only suitable for tanks that attach to temperature control batteries. One such product is the iJust 2. The 0.15ohm Ni coils are specifically designed for the iJust 2 as the atomiser head contains a heating wire. Using the wrong coils, or placing these coils in a different device could cause the device to overheat and create a potential fire risk. Lemo 2 Pre-made Atomiser coils are developed for the Lemo 2 Atomiser, but can be used in any other re-buildable tank. The coils are manufactured with Japanese natural cotton and have a resistance of between 0.5 and 0.7 ohms. Japanese cotton is used in these types of coils because it enhances the vaping experience. Japanese cotton is very absorbent and works effectively even at higher wattage or voltage rates. If you are new to vaping it is better to start with pre-made coils until you are more familiar with the strength of taste and amount of vapour you require. If you are unsure of your needs contact the customer service department rather than taking a risk.
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