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Innokin Slipstream 2ml Cartomizer
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Innokin Accessories

Innokin Electronic Cigarette Accessories

If you are embarking on your own exciting vaping adventure then you will need the right vaping kit for the journey. That will include a stylish cartomizer and replacement coil heads to partner the fabulous eliquids that you will have discovered here at Simply. Our extensive range of electronic cigarette accessories includes a superb collection of cartomizers by Innokin. Innokin was founded with the aim of providing the best ecig and vaping kits in the world. Innokin combine technological innovation, high quality materials and cutting edge design in every piece. Innokin electronic cigarette accessories are the choice of discerning vapers.

Innokin Cartomizers

The Innokin iClear 30 was the first clearomizer of its kind to feature a replaceable atomizer head for ease of maintenance. Great vapour is assured with the dual coils. The rotating mouthpiece and the huge tank means less refills between vaping. The iClear XI is a premium cartomizer with an exciting range of advanced features and striking looks. BDC coils produce additional heat for impressive vapour. Dual bottom coils won’t dry out until your tank is completely empty and so consistently satisfying vaping is guaranteed. The Innokin iSub cartomizer is a high quality stainless steel design with dual 0.5 ohm coils that produce huge clouds of vapour and intense flavour. Perfect for sub ohm vaping the iSub has a sleek contemporary look. The Innokin iSub Apex is an advanced new design with Prism Flavour Plus for optimal flavour hits from your favourite e liquids. With minimal leakage and maximum performance the iSub Apex is ideal for mouth to lung vaping.

Don’t Forget Your Innokin Coil heads!

If you choose Innokin cartomizers to enhance your vaping then do remember that the coil heads must be replaced regularly. Our great value 5 packs are the perfect solution and will ensure that you enjoy fabulous vaping without interruption.
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