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Can you remember what life was like before vaping? The time when it was cigarettes or nothing? It actually doesn’t seem that long ago that the first e-cigarettes began to change life as we know it.

The First Electronic Cigarettes

Back in 2003 a Chinese pharmacist wanted to develop an alternative to smoking after his father died of lung cancer. Han Lik was a smoker himself and thought that there had to be a better way. Through the backing of his employers he was able to create e cigarettes that really worked. Han Lik wasn’t the first person to hit on this fabulous idea. In the 1960’s one Herbert A Gilbert filed a patent for a similar device but the timing was wrong. The dangers of smoking hadn’t been fully realised and the habit was still socially acceptable. The idea was shelved only to be born again forty years later.

The Changing Face of Vaping

One the practice of vaping took hold there was no stopping it. New and exciting electronic cigarettes, cartomizers and e-liquids are now constantly in development. Sadly the scientist have yet to create a device which functions without power or batteries that live forever! E cigarettes and cartomizers need batteries in order to work and those batteries have limited lives. It is always best to have a spare battery in your vaping kit so that a replacement is at the ready.

iTaste Batteries

If you vape with Innokin’s itaste 134, iTaste Coolfire 2 and iTaste SVD E Cigarettes or indeed the Fog 2043 then the 800mah 18350 battery is the one for you. We always make sure that our replacement batteries are available to you at the lowest possible prices so that it is easy to keep the spares that you need.