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Maxi Accessories

Maxi Electronic Cigarette Accessories

If you are new to vaping then you are probably surprised at the incredible range of devices and e liquids that are available to you. Things have certainly come a long way since the early noughties when Han Lik created the electronic cigarette that was to start a revolution. One which would help millions of smokers to quit. Han Lik wasn’t the first to come up with such an idea but his timing was excellent. In 2003 the world was ready for vaping and welcomed the new innovation with enthusiasm. Once the many benefits of vaping became apparent, new electronic cigarettes, cartomizers and accessories were developed. These now give vapers the ability to create a kit that perfectly suits both their vaping style and personal taste.

Vaping Kit Essentials

New and experienced vapers certainly have fantastic choices. There is a stunning array of devices and an incredible variety of e-liquid flavours available. In order to enjoy vaping whenever you wish you need to make sure that your vaping kit is complete. Obviously you will need your electronic cigarettes or cartomizers. The cartomizers and clearomizers require a mod and batteries and then your choice of e liquid in order to function. But that isn’t the end of the story. The coil heads in the cartomizers need replacing regularly as do the batteries. The perfect vaping kit will feature spare coil heads and batteries. You will also require a charge lead a charge lead. It is also handy to have a lanyard so you don’t have to fumble in your pocket or bag to find your e cigarette. The Simply eLiquids range features the electronic cigarette accessories you need including the eGo/Maxi/EVOD USB charge lead and the useful lanyard for Fog, Maxi and EVOD ecigs. Complete your vaping kit today with accessories that are priced to please from Simply.