Confec / Soft Drink Eliquid

Jumbo Juice Citrus Drink
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SIZE(ml): 80
STRENGTH(mg): 0 3
Confec / Soft Drink Eliquid

Confec & Sweet Eliquid Flavours

Confectionary and soft drink flavoured eliquid are based on popular soft drink favourites like your cola, energy drinks and the like, and childhood and modern day sweeties like liquorice and pear drops. Chocolate, caramel and similar variations of sweet sugary treats also fall into this category. Confectionary and soft drink flavours work for vapers looking to get a sweet, sugary hit of flavour, similar to flavoured tobacco or rolling papers, only without the tobacco and tobacco taste. The confectionary flavours tend to be popular with both experienced and beginner E cigarette users. The novelty of inhaling a calorie free flavour hit of some of the worlds naughtiest treats is quite the attractive prospect for most people. For lovers of sweet sugar hits the cotton candy flavour and turkish delight eliquid flavours work well. For more of a creamy, indulgent tone, caramel flavour and buttered popcorn flavour are perfect. Or if you like a slight hint of sharpness or bitterness, the pear drops flavour or bubblegum flavours could be the right choice for you. You can get eliquids in these sweet flavours in a range of nicotine levels, so there's no need to sacrifice on flavour to satisfy your cravings. With such a wide selection of lip smackingly tasty sweet treats in our confectionery and soft drink e liquid section, the only difficulty you'll have is in selecting which one to choose first - enjoy yourself, remember, they're calorie free!