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Other Eliquid Flavours

Other eliquids are all the delicious flavours that don't fit into any 'standard' category, which in our opinion makes them pretty special. In our other eliquid section you will find flavours like aniseed, bubbly fizz and vanilla, as well as our ever popular flavourless e liquid, used by the creative amongst you to make your own dazzling eliquid flavours when mixed with flavour concentrate. Despite the flavours in this category not fitting into any other 'standard' category, they are actually some of the most popular flavours we sell. Vanilla continues to rank highly amongst our customers as one of the smoothest, sweetest vapes we offer. And coffee lovers are well catered for here with our deep, rich, indulgent coffee flavour e juice and creamy, smooth, cappuccino flavour E liquid, both caffeine free but still packing plenty of that gorgeous roasted morning flavour. We also have our fiery, punchy flavours here like aniseed, cinnamon and hot cinnamon. Firm favourites with E cigarette users who like to feel a really strong flavour when they vape, or who prefer a warm inhale sensation rather than a cold one provided by ice and menthol flavours. In our other flavours eliquid section you'll find some of our most popular E liquids, all with their own individual, unique flavour and qualities.