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Not all e liquids are born equal and so we have scoured the globe for the very finest juice. Our premium e-liquids are guaranteed to provide flavours to savour and satisfying throat hits for a gourmet vaping experience. Vaping Your Way We offer a tantalising menu of fabulous flavours, different strengths and a variety of base liquid ratios. That is why our premium range delivers a truly personalised vaping experience. Why choose the ordinary when you can enjoy the extraordinary with premium eliquids that take vaping to the next level? Movies and Music It’s pure Hollywood all the way with B-Movie by Absolute Vapes where flavour is the star of the show. Big Foot impresses with a taste as elusive as the titular mythical creature. Jack Sparrow himself might have plotted the aniseed and menthol twist of Skull-Duggery. Then there is the apocalyptic hit of absinthe that steals the show in Zombie. With a 50PG/50VG mix that is perfect for vaping sub-Ohm, Classic Kiss by Eliquid France features a symphony of e-liquid compositions and just a touch of rock’n’roll. From the grenadine, anise and hint of mint in Beethoven to the berries, apples and liquorice of Mozart, Classic Kiss makes music for your taste buds. Not to mention injecting a little je ne sais quoi! Monsters and Madness Unleash the beast with Vape Monster’s 80VG/20PG smokin’ fiends. King Kong is a beastly e liquid but this giant ape has a sweet side that is all bananas and custard. Mr Hyde lurks in the shadows with a crafty cocktail of grape, berries and a spine tingling top note. Don’t forget the chilling Mr Cool, a sub-zero experience with a warm heart of berries. The team at The Mad Alchemist certainly have the Midas touch. Everything really does turn to gold in these insanely delicious foody e-liquids. Highlights include Twice in a Blue Moon, Fairy Dust Elixir and the liquid gold Peaches and Scream. The Last Word Last but certainly not least we must introduce you to our very own Signature Vapour collection. You will discover a cornucopia of vaping delights from a Jagerbomb that blow’s your mind to the sweet simplicity of Grandma’s Milky Cookies. We love them all but what will you choose?