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Justfog Electronic Cigarette Kits

Electronic cigarettes have proved to be the perfect solution for millions of smokers looking to quit the habit. Vaping is a healthier and more socially acceptable alternative. It also enables you to tailor your experience to your personal taste with the variety of ecigs, cartomizers and delicious e-liquids available. JustFog electronic cigarettes are benchmark devices that have millions of fans across the world. If you are new to vaping, the JustFog range is a good place to start.

JustFog 2043 - The Perfect Compact Solution for New Vapers

Those new to Vaping usually start out with simple devices that enable them to get vaping without having to search for the different components they need to create a great vaping kit. If you are a new enthusiast then the JustFog ecig 2043 starter ecig kit is a brilliant choice. This is the world’s smallest constant voltage battery tube. The kit includes the booster tube and cartomizer and so all you need to do to get vaping with this stylish package is to grab a battery, a charger and some fabulous eliquid from the Simply range.

JustFog 1453 Kits – Everything You Need in One Handy Package

The 1453 ecig from JustFog is the follow up to the ever popular Maxi series. This highly affordable and compact style is certainly in demand and we are pleased to bring you two different 1453 e-cig kits here at Simply Eliquid. Both the 650mah and 900mah ecig kits feature everything you need including 2 batteries, 2 cartomizers, 2 heating coils, a USB plug, a lead and a bottle of eliquid. Both models have handy power cut offs to save battery and coil life if the power button is depressed accidental. Both 1453 ecig kits will give you satisfying throat hits and impressive vapour plumes. These stylish electronic cigarettes are a reliable and affordable way to enjoy vaping with your preferred e-liquids. With everything you need in a handy kit, JustFog 1453 ecigs are an excellent choice for new vapers or for more seasoned vapers that don’t want the hassle of choosing the various components that they need.