Coil Master Kanthal A1 Wire 30Ft 24AWG





Coil Master Kanthal A1 Wire 30Ft 24AWG Description

Coil Master A1 Kanthal Wire in 26AWG, perfect for almost any build in almost any atomiser. Kanthal wire is the most commonly used wire in rebuildable atomisers and premade atomiser heads. This Kanthal A1 wire from Coil Master is perfect for anyone who wants to build their own atomiser coils. 26AWG is the perfect size for almost any atomiser and almost any build.

Clapton wire provides a huge surface area that makes it superb for flavour and vapour production.

Made from Kanthal A1. Each roll is 30 feet/10m.
This alloy is the most common wire used in coil building and in standard replacement head coils.
For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA
Package contents:1*30ft/10m wire

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Additional information

RDA/RTA Accessory Type


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