Vape Shot NS20 Signature Nic Salt Booster 10ml





Vape Shot NS20 Signature Nic Salt Booster Description

Nicotine shots are a fully compliant way to convert a 0mg juice into a nicotine-containing eLiquid. This allows quantities of larger than 10ml to be converted into nicotine containing eLiquids, but still within the confines of the TRPR regulations.

“Short fill” e-liquid’s are liquids that contain nicotine free flavoured e-liquid and they have not been filled to the top so you can add in your 10ml nicotine shot(s) to create e-liquid containing nicotine.

NS20 Nicotine Shot eLiquid by Vape Shot is a Nicotine Booster Shot with Nicotine Salts.

The Eliquid features 20mg of nicotine shot so when added to a 50ml Short Fill of 0mg it will make a 60ml eliquid with a 3.3mg base.

Salt Nicotine eLiquid Refills use the natural salt found within the tobacco leaf as their basis for nicotine. Nicotine Salt eLiquids aim to provide a more potent nicotine hit than most eLiquids can currently provide.

If you have any questions about using Nicotine Shots please get in touch.

Important Notice: Nicotine Shots are not to be used on their own.

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