IVG Bar Disposable Pod Device

IVG Bar Disposable 600 puff Device

IVG Premium E Liquids are one of the largest and globally known brands in the vaping industry, established in 2016. IVG also known as I Vape Great, supplies over 100 countries across 6 continents and have obtained many awards from around the world together with Best UK Brand in the UK to Best International Brand in Canada. 

IVG have created the new brand, IVG Bar 600 puff device, a pocket sized, mouth-watering disposable device. The IVG Bar is the ideal choice for vapers who do not want the hassle of changing coils and pods, and for new people to the vaping industry who want to kick the habit of smoking. 

Each IVG Bar comes pre-filled with 2ml of amazing flavoured award-winning IVG Nic Salts e-liquid. The IVG Bar uses a 500mah battery that will last throughout the day, great for on the move vapers and will last you up to 600 puffs in each bar.

With 16 outstanding flavours to choose from this by far the best disposable device in the vaping industry!

  • Aloe Grape Ice - refreshing fruity blend with floral undertones of juicy grape notes paired with delicate aloe vera and ice menthol.
  • Berry Lemonade Ice - fizzy lemonade with a blend of mixed berries and an Icy hit.
  • Blue Raspberry Ice - sweet and sour blend of Blue Raspberry with an ice-cold finish.
  • Butter Cookie - dreamy blend of freshly baked buttery cookies, ideal for dessert lovers.
  • Classic Menthol - refreshing, super cool menthol flavour.
  • Cola Ice - sweet, fizzy cola with refreshing ice menthol for a freshening vape.
  • Exotic Mango - tropical fruit blend of sweet juicy mangoes.
  • Passion Fruit - smooth Passion Fruit flavour bursting with sweetness and freshness.
  • Pineapple Grapefruit - divine fusion between tropical sweet pineapples and zesty grapefruits.
  • Pink Lemonade - tangy lemonade flavour with just the right amount of sweet red fruits.
  • Polar Mint - ice cool blend refreshing spearmint and cool peppermint.
  • Rainbow - fruity mix of juicy citrus and vibrant berries coated in sweet candy.
  • Ruby Guava Ice - sweet pink guava blended with a smooth menthol.
  • Strawberry Watermelon - mouth-watering burst of sweet strawberries and juicy tropical watermelon.
  • Vanilla Custard Tobacco - an earthy Tobacco flavour blended with sweet vanilla custard.

Benefits include:

  • Simple design
  • Better flavour.
  • No Button - Puff activated 
  • Coil/wick is continuously saturated with e-liquid.
  • Leak-proof
  • Disposable 


  • 1 x Pre-filled IVG Bar Pod Device