Raspberry E-liquid Reviews

Raspberry E-liquid Reviews

Name: Laura Miller


E-liquid reviewed: Raspberry E-Liquid


The smell of this eliquid is to die for! It’s one of those you don’t even have to unscrew to smell. In fact, I was having a good smell of it for ages before I vaped it, smelt so fresh and real – no hint of sugary raspberry ice lolly scent I have had before! When I vaped it, the taste was just as delicious as the smell. Really well rounded, a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, and very juicy. Made really thick plumes of vapour. It also didn’t have that artificial edge a lot of raspberry eliquids have, where you feel you’re vaping something more like a raspberry sugar drink or fruit drink. Just another great eliquid from Simply Eliquid, who always seem to make the most accurate fresh fruit flavours.

Was most impressed and will be buying again.


Rating: 5 / 5 stars