DIY Coil Building Kits

RDA/RTA atomizers are a great way to personalise your vaping experience, but for those just getting into this side of the industry, getting your hands on the right tools for the job will give you that running start that you need! Within our collection, we feature a range of different DIY kits that have everything you need for coiling your RDA or RTA atomizers, including pliers, tweezers and packs of cotton. All packed into a handy case, our DIY coil building kits are perfect for beginners and experienced coilers alike. From mini kits that feature just enough to get you started, to our master kit that even features the Coil Master 521 Tab Mini v2, our atomizers DIY coil building kits have everything you need to use an RTA or RDA. Put together and test your self-built coils as you master the art of rebuildable atomizers using our DIY coil building kits, which all have the equipment you need every step of the way – even a handy pair of scissors! If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your RDA/RTA atomizers, a DIY coil building kit is undoubtedly the perfect place to start. Whether you opt for a smaller kit with just enough to get you started, or you venture into the master kits that contain everything you need, take a look at what’s on offer below to decide for yourself!
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