Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

When you vape, you love nothing more than to enjoy a deep, satisfying direct-to-lung hit. For you, vaping is all about enjoying the biggest clouds and the boldest flavours. The only problem is that going through a high volume of e-liquid when you use a sub-ohm tank with pre-built coils is just too expensive. When you’re a serious cloud chaser, you go through so much vape juice that you end up needing to replace your coil every day or two. After a while, the expense gets to be too much. If this scenario sounds all too familiar for you, it’s just a sign that you’ve outgrown traditional vape tanks and are ready for the next level of expert vaping. You need a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

So, what is an RDA? It’s a rebuildable atomizer that allows you to build your own vape coils from scratch using cotton and resistance wire. If the idea of building a vape coil sounds intimidating to you, you’ll get used to it very quickly thanks to the ample supply of online tutorials. After you’ve watched a handful of videos and built a few coils on your own, it’ll become second nature.

What are the benefits of building your own coils? For starters, you’ll save a fortune. If you currently use a sub-ohm tank and replace your coil every couple of days, you’re spending hundreds of pounds per year just on vape coils. Vaping doesn’t have to be so expensive. With an RDA, you can vape for just a few pence a day before taking e-liquid into account.

Even more important than the reduced expense is the fact that using an RDA allows you to experience the biggest clouds and richest flavours that you can possibly get from a vaping device. With an ample build deck, an RDA allows you to execute complex coil designs with ease – and the wide-open airflow vents of an RDA allow you take incredibly deep and satisfying puffs. You’ll never want to go back to using a traditional vape tank.

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