Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Have you ever used a rebuildable dripping atomizer and found it a bit lacking in terms of e-liquid storage? The problem with an RDA is that it only offers a shallow drip well for catching your e-liquid. After a few puffs, the well is empty, and you need to add vape juice. Using an RDA means that you need to carry a bottle of e-liquid everywhere. Using an RDA also makes vaping with one hand virtually impossible. If you’re fed up with the inconvenience of using an RDA but wish that you could still enjoy the benefits of building your own coils, a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) is exactly what you need.

Unlike an RDA, an RTA gives you ample e-liquid storage. Built like a traditional vape tank, an RTA stores both the e-liquid and the coil in a glass enclosure, making it possible for you to have several millilitres of e-liquid handy while on the go instead of carrying an e-liquid bottle for dripping.

The key difference between an RTA and a traditional vape tank, though, is that an RTA allows you to build your own coils. Rather than using expensive pre-built vape coils costing several pounds each, an RTA makes it possible to vape for a few pence a day using nothing but wire and cotton. Many of the vape tanks built to use pre-made coils do have rebuildable coil heads available, but they’re often extremely small and difficult to use. Because an RTA is built from the ground up for coil building, it’ll have a generous build platform that makes it easy to build coils from scratch in just a few minutes. If you have larger hands and find it difficult to build coils using a rebuildable head for a sub-ohm tank, you’ll find an RTA significantly easier to use.

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