Red Ice E-liquid Reviews

Name: Ray Parker


E-liquid reviewed: Red Ice E-Liquid


Decided to order the Red Ice eliquid because I wanted something a little bit different, something that satisfied my sweet tooth and refreshed my mouth at the same time. When I vape pure fruity eliquids all day it can leave my feeling a little sick and bored after a few hours of vaping it, so fruit and mint seemed like a good idea. The eliquid provided a really good throat hit and nice plumes of vapour. The flavour itself I found to be really pleasant. You get all the fresh red fruit flavour first which is tangy, tart and sweet but not overwhelming. The mint that comes through is very nice and mild enough to be cold, so not strong enough it leaves you with the shivers which I know some people like but I don’t! I also liked the fact the minty flavour had a bit of a menthol tone to it, which is what gave the coldness I think. Really nice eliquid, great price too.


Rating: 4 / 5 stars