Uwell Tripod Kit

Uwell Tripod Kit

Uwell Tripod Kit
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Uwell Tripod PCC Kit

The product designers at Uwell have worked overtime to deliver the beginner-friendly vape starter kit that all of the new vapers are going to want in 2021, and the new Uwell Tripod PCC kit is the result of their efforts. With everything that you could possibly need for all-day vaping in a single highly portable package, the Tripod PCC kit maintains Uwell’s legendary commitment to flavour quality while setting new standards for convenience and portability.

The feature that makes the Uwell Tripod different from all other pod vaping systems is the fact that it includes its own portable charging case. The charging case holds the Uwell Tripod with a pod installed, and it also has room for two additional pods. With the ability to bring a total of three pods wherever you go, you’ll never find yourself running out of e-liquid. The Uwell Tripod has a built-in 370 mAh battery, and the charging case has a 1,000 mAh battery that can keep the Tripod’s battery topped up all day.

When you’re out and about, the smart plate on the bottom of the Uwell Tripod charging case can tell you the charging status of the device and how much battery life remains in the charging case. Just tap the smart plate to confirm that the Uwell Tripod is charged and ready to use.

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