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Vampire Vape Shortz - Purple Fusion 50ml

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Vampire Vape Shortz Purple Fusion E Liquid

75ml bottle Purple Fusion by Vampire Vape is a juicy addition to the Shortz collection that comes with a magnificent blend of grape and pineapple.  This fruit cocktail is an outstanding flavour that perfectly captures the strong, sweet taste of the combined flavours. With the pineapple and grape working in harmony to give a well-rounded fruit blast making each inhale a tasty pleasure. You will receive a 75ml bottle, filled with 50ml Nicotine Free Purple Fusion e liquid. You also have the option to purchase it along with a 10ml Nicotine shot. Mixing the Nicotine shot into the Purple Fusion e liquid will make it 3mg. Important Notice: Do not use the nicotine shot on its own - only to be used when mixed with the e liquid provided.
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