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On this page, you’ll find the biggest selection of the latest vape mods anywhere in the UK. We’ve worked directly with the world’s leading vape manufacturers and distributors to source an eclectic collection of vape mods to suit every experience level and vaping style.

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What is a Vape Mod?

If you’ve looked at the e-cigarettes available in your local supermarkets and convenience stores, you’ve probably noticed that most of them bear some physical resemblance to tobacco cigarettes. Vape mods differ from those e-cigarettes in two ways. The first difference is that vape mods don’t look at all like tobacco cigarettes, and the second difference is that vape mods generally store their e-liquid in refillable and removable tanks.

In terms of the user experience, vape mods offer two features that conventional e-cigarettes lack.

  • Being larger than a conventional e-cigarette, a vape mod offers significantly more power, e-liquid storage and battery life. Compared to an e-cigarette, a vape mod will give you much larger clouds along with the ability to vape for longer stretches without recharging the battery or refilling the tank.
  • Being refillable, a vape mod works with virtually every e-liquid on the market. In contrast, no e-cigarette with pre-filled pods or cartridges has more than just a handful of different flavours available. Many people feel that having a wide selection of appealing e-liquid flavours makes the transition from smoking to vaping easier and more fun.


Best Vape Mods in the UK

The reason why there are so many different vape mods on the market is because no two vapers have exactly the same needs. Every person is unique, and every vaping device produces a unique experience. We control our supply chain tightly and work with the vaping industry’s leading distributors and manufacturers to source the largest possible variety of vape mods at the best possible prices. We carry absolutely no clones or knockoffs and guarantee that every product is authentic.

Why Should I Buy a Vape Mod From Simply ELiquid?

You should buy a vape mod from Simply ELiquid because our commitment to offering the best selection of authentic vaping devices available anywhere is second to none. In addition, our negotiating power has allowed us to secure great wholesale terms from the vaping industry’s leading suppliers, and you’ll see those savings reflected in our low prices. If you want to save even more money, simply make any purchase with a total value of over £30 – and we’ll cover the shipping fees!

Should I Buy a Vape Mod With a Built-in or Removable Battery?

A vape mod can have a permanent built-in battery, or it can use one or more removable batteries. Typically, vape mods with built-in batteries cost less than those with removable batteries. That’s partially because a mod with a removable battery needs extra internal hardware to keep the battery in place and maintain a strong electrical connection and partially because a mod with a removable battery generally doesn’t include the battery. If you don’t have the required 18650 batteries, you’ll need to buy those separately when purchasing a vape mod with a removable battery. While vape mods with removable batteries generally cost more, they also have two benefits. One benefit is that, with a separate battery charger, you can charge one battery while using another one. In addition, a vape mod with a removable battery may last longer because every battery will eventually no longer hold a charge. If the battery in a removable-battery mod stops working, you can always replace the battery and continue using the mod.

Why Do Some Vape Mods Have Two Batteries?

The primary reason why some vape mods have two batteries is because having two batteries allows those devices to operate at higher power levels. Typically, a single-battery vape mod will have a maximum operational power of around 50-80 watts. A dual-battery mod, on the other hand, will often operate at up to 200 watts or higher. Whether you actually need the extra power depends on the requirements of the tank you’re using, and if you aren’t certain, you can always look at the atomizer coil inside your tank. An atomizer coil generally has its recommended wattage range etched into the side. Most vape tanks do not require the extra wattage that a dual-battery mod provides. Even if you don’t need the extra wattage, though, you may enjoy the extra battery life.

Should I Buy a Vape Mod That Includes a Tank?

It’s very common for vape mods to include compatible tanks. You might assume based on your experiences with other types of products that any tank included for free with a vape mod is simply a throwaway item that you won’t actually want to use. With vape tanks, though, that isn’t actually the case. When you vape, there are two things that you need to buy repeatedly. The first thing is e-liquid, and the second thing is replacement coils. Vape manufacturers actually don’t earn the majority of their money from selling mods and tanks because people generally only buy those items once in a great while. People always need coils, though, so the manufacturers earn far more money selling those. When a manufacturer offers a vape mod that includes a tank, it’s in the manufacturer’s best interest to select a tank that people will actually want to use. If you haven’t bought a new vape tank in a while, you should definitely consider buying a vape mod that includes one.

What Is a Pod Mod?

A pod mod is a vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a plastic pod rather than a glass tank. Using plastic instead of glass for e-liquid storage often enables pod mods to be significantly smaller and lighter than other vape mods while offering comparable flavour quality and vapour production. Although vape mods are often slimmer and more stylish than vape mods, though, they also have a drawback in that the pods are proprietary. When you use a traditional vape mod, you’re free to use it with any tank you like. A pod mod, however, only works with the pods designed for that specific device.