Standard Vape Tanks

If you’re just starting out in the vaping industry, then welcome! Here you’ll find our collection of standard vape tanks to get you started with your new device. If you’re a returning, experienced vaper wanting a simple addition to your own device for casual drags, you’re also in luck! Here at Simply eLiquid, we’ve compiled a unique collection of standard vape tanks that you can use for a simple, easy, but in no way boring vaping experience.   With a range of different colours, mouthpieces and designs, newcomers and experienced visitors alike can benefit from our carefully hand-picked range. Nothing we stock is of a low quality, and with competitive prices to boot, you can pick out your standard sized vape tanks with ease. Sizes tend to range between 1.5ml and 2ml, so you can stock up your standard vape tanks with your favourite e-liquid flavours to suit your habits and cravings.   If you’re looking for standard vape tanks to suit your current device, or are searching for an addition to a new vape kit, our standard vape tanks will give you a clean, pure and delicious taste first-time. Don’t let the word ‘standard’ fool you – our standard vape tanks are top-end products, perfect for any experience level. View our full range of standard vape tanks, below!
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