Vape Tanks

Your vaping setup needs an upgrade, and you’ve just found the best place to buy vape tanks in the UK. On this page, you’ll find dozens of vape tanks for every conceivable vaping style, from the smallest mouth-to-lung tanks for vape pens to larger sub-ohm tanks for true cloud chasing – and everything in between. From SMOK and Aspire to Innokin and Uwell, you’ll find all of the most popular vape tank brands right here.

How can you tell whether a particular vape tank will work well with your preferred vaping style? The best way to identity a direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung tank is by looking at the tank’s mouthpiece. A mouth-to-lung tank needs to have fairly restrictive airflow, so it’ll have a narrow mouthpiece that looks a bit like an hourglass-shaped cigarette filter. A direct-to-lung tank, on the other hand, needs to have very open airflow to facilitate the maximum possible cloud production. You can expect a direct-to-lung tank to have a mouthpiece much wider than a cigarette.

Regardless of the type of vape tank that you ultimately buy, we hope that you’ll strongly consider buying a tank with a mesh coil. The mesh coil is one of the most important technological developments to hit the world of vape tanks since vaping itself was invented. A traditional atomizer coil uses a wire twisted into the shape of a coil. A mesh coil, on the other hand, uses a mesh strip. The mesh design allows the coil to have much greater surface area, and the area of a coil’s heating surface is what determines its performance. Compared to traditional vape coils, mesh coils produce more vapour while drawing less battery power. If you want to own a vape tank with the best possible flavour quality and vapour production, you’ll almost certainly want to buy a tank with a mesh coil.

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