Vape Tanks

Vape tanks have come an incredibly long way in the past couple of years. If you haven’t purchased a new sub-ohm tank in a while, there’s a good chance that your current tank is obsolete. Thankfully, you’ll find the best vape tanks in the world right here at Simply ELiquid.

How can you tell that your current vape tank is based on outdated technology and is overdue for a replacement? Take a look at these statements and see how many of them apply to you.

  • You’re beginning to have trouble finding coils for your tank because the manufacturer stopped making them a while ago.
  • Your tank doesn’t always give you a pleasant vaping experience because it sometimes pops loudly when you vape. Occasionally, your tank sometimes even spits hot e-liquid into your mouth.
  • You know other people who vape, and you’ve noticed that their vaping devices seem to produce much bigger clouds than yours. Despite the relative lack of cloud production, you find that your vaping device never lasts all day on a battery charge because your tank requires around 100 watts of power to operate efficiently.

If the statements above ring true to you, it’s time for a new vape tank. Today’s sub-ohm tanks have replaced traditional resistance wire-based coils with a new type of mesh coil. The latest mesh coils generate enormous clouds at the touch of a button with no popping or spitting. What’s even more amazing is that even though today’s vape tanks produce much larger clouds than the tanks of the past, they draw significantly less power because mesh coils operate at lower wattages. You will be truly amazed by what today’s sub-ohm vape tanks can do, and you’ll find an amazing selection of the latest mesh coil tanks right here on this page.

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