Chargers and Plugs

Safety is everything when it comes to charging up your vape, which is exactly why, here at Simply eLiquid, we make sure all of our vape chargers and plugs are of the highest quality and only from trusted brands. While some of our vape kits often come with cables as standard, ensuring that you have the safest and most trustworthy of equipment will not only promote your own safety, but improve the lifespan of your vape!   Our collection of vape chargers and vape plugs covers UK chargers, Euro chargers, battery chargers and a range of different usb leads with alternate connections so you can pick the right one for your device. If you’re in need of vape chargers, our range will cover the vape plugs and usb leads that you need to keep the power flowing in your e cigarette for longer. With every product being tested and trusted, you can invest in new vape chargers and vape plugs without concern for the safety or quality of your product.   If you’re in need of vape chargers or vape plugs, feel free to take a look at our catalogue here today. If you have any questions or concerns about the products listed here or what you need for your brand new vape, get in touch!
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