Replacement Batteries

Your e cigarette would be nothing without its battery so when it wears down, finding replacement batteries should be your first port of call. The lifespan of most e-cigarette batteries is consistently growing with constant improvement, but they still start to wear down or break over time which is why, here at Simply eLiquid, we’ve got a range of high-quality replacement batteries that you can trust to get your vape back up and running again. All of the batteries we offer are rechargeable too, so you can get right back to your usual routine in no time.   With mAh levels ranging from 2500-3500mah, we have a battery to suit your existing device so you don’t have to pay out for a brand new kit every time the battery begins to reach the end of its lifespan. What’s more, we also have 18650 and 20700 batteries on offer, which fit various devices to ensure that you are not left stranded when searching for a brand-new replacement battery for your vape. Vape batteries are becoming increasingly more powerful and so are the vapes that they are placed in, and finding that balance between the two is something the industry is certainly working on perfecting. While each battery we list is built to last and our vapes of a high quality, replacement batteries are a necessity from time to time. It is important to understand battery safety  to give yourself the safest vaping experience.   If you’re in need of replacement batteries for your e-cig, take a look at what we have on offer below.
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