Squonk Refill Bottles

Finding a refill bottle which is easy to use and almost mess-free was traditionally a difficult feat, but with the Squonk Refill Bottles, refilling is simple! If you have a Squonk device or box mod, then you are able to refill this with ease. The bottle can be filled, screwed and then squeezed to push the e liquid into your device, with minimal hassle. The design of the cap makes it easy to twist on and off, meaning application is easier than ever before. Many of the Squonk refill bottles we have on sale here at Simply eLiquid are made of food-grade silicone gel making them light to transport and are even available in a range of capacities including 30ml. The Squonk brand is one of the most popular right now, due to the unique designs and excellent usability options. Ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers, Squonk offers user-friendly devices, and with the no-mess functionality of their refill bottles, it’s easier than ever to refill your favourite flavoured e-liquids! Whether you like a tropical fruit flavour or you prefer strong-smelling tobacco flavours, you don’t have to worry about your clothes or worksurface being covered in vape juice. If you own a Squonker, then make sure to pair it with one of the Squonk Refill Bottles in our range today.
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