What Are Electronic Cigarette Mods?

What Are Electronic Cigarette Mods?

If you’re new to vaping, or simply still educating yourself on the huge world of e cigarettes out there, you may have noticed that the word ‘mod’ is mentioned a lot in different articles, videos and blogs. This can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what the word means. Here we will look at what ‘mods’ means and what they are, so you can gain a broader understanding of e cigarettes and the benefits ‘mods’ can offer you. It’s worth remembering the world of e cigarettes is rapidly expanding, and there are so many different types of mods and APV’s available, this article certainly cover all of them, in fact it would take a pretty big guide to do that. However, it should give you a clearer idea of what they are.


What Does Mod Mean?


Of course mod is short for modification and is applied to several different concepts across the vaping world. Mod can be an e cigarette which you may have also seen described as a PV or personal vaporizer. Mods may also apply to related components of e cigarettes, like cartomizer mods. People also use it to describe how they are modifying their e cigarettes in which the term mod would be changed to ‘modded, IE ‘I modded my e cigarette’. Modding components is generally applied to rebuildable atomizers.


Why Mod?


Mods were created so that people had an alternative to the ‘cigalikes’ commonly found on the cigarette counter in most garages, shops and supermarkets. Cigalikes – e cigarettes that look just like cigarettes – are great for some people, but often they don’t provide enough satisfaction and variety for everyone.


By creating their own e cigarettes, people were able to swap and change parts to improve general e cigarette performance. Mods come in a mammoth variety of shapes, sizes and styles and enable people to select from a wide selection of power output choices. Modding has become so popular now, people are creating their own e cigarettes at home. You can also find a wide selection of companies creating and selling mods and APV’s. The cost and style of these devices range from variable voltage low to mid range appliances, to unique, hand-made mechanical mods that can cost hundreds of pounds.


The Different Types Of Mods


Although you can find a wide variation in the theme of mods, generally the style and types of devices are few. The two main types of devices are mechanical mods and APV’s. Each type will come in a few different styles which tend to be long cylinders or boxes.


Mechanical Mods


The reason mechanical mods are called, mechanical is because the inner workings of the device are mechanical in their function and are made from metal. The switches used involve metal contact to complete a circuit which applies heat to the coil. You won’t find many mechanical mods with voltage variation, voltage regulation or lights.


Non-mechanical mods won’t necessarily have voltage regulation, but may also not come under the mechanical mod category as they may also contain electronic parts.


Voltage variation or regulation can be different, with some keeping the output the same constantly, others enabling voltage variation.


Mechanical mods have become supremely popular recently. For a time they were deemed less desirable as many people wanted variable voltage with their APV’s. However, more experienced vapers have really embraced mechanical mods teaming them with atomizers with extremely low RHC. For beginners, this isn’t a recommended combination as you need some detailed experience and knowledge of engineering and battery safety in order to use them safely.




APV’s are incredibly advanced due to the electronics within them. Your basic APV will have electronics that control the power output and keep it at a constant level. However, some devices are much more complex. Some of them enable the user to adjust their voltage or wattage. Variable voltage enables the user to select a power output and keep that power output regardless of the ohm level of the cartomizer or clearomizer attached. Variable wattage will reset the voltage dependent on the ohm of the cartomizer or clearomizer attached. Other features will include various screen information being displayed, some of which is supremely intelligent. Most of these devices are a maximum of 2 amps (lower priced) or 5 amps (more expensive types).


The More You Learn, The More Your World Of Vaping Expands


Remember, the more you know what’s out there, the more personal your vaping experience can be. The world of e cigarettes is moving at a fast pace, so mods are likely to become more advanced, better and even more intricate as time goes by. Educate yourself now so that you can make the most of this world-changing alternative to smoking.