What Is An Electronic Cigarette

What Is An Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette may be something which you are interested in but you might not be sure exactly what it is. This page explains what an e cig is and how it works.


An electronic, e cig or electric cigarette are three names given to the device – they all mean the same thing. You might also hear them sometimes called a smokeless cigarette.


The e cigarette is a battery powered device which you re-charge when required. It looks like a normal cigarette, and handles in the same way. From afar, many people would not realise it is not a real cigarette.


What’s unique about the e cigarette is that you get a hit of nicotine from the e cig when you inhale it, but none of the other chemicals which you find in a normal cigarette. Many people believe that the e cigarette allows the smoker to substitute their normal smoking habit with a healthier alternative – whilst still getting a nicotine boost to keep nicotine cravings at bay.


The e cigarette can be used in most public places, because it is smokeless. It does not produce smoke like a normal cigarette, but a vapour instead. The vapour is harmless to anyone who inhales it. It does not contain the thousands of chemicals that a normal cigarette contains, so second hand smoke and related diseases and health concerns are no longer an issue.


Despite the fact that this electronic cigarette is thought of as a “healthier alternative to smoking”, the user can still feel like they have had a cigarette, and so their physical craving to smoke is fulfilled.


The e cig offers a physical sensation and also a flavour similar to a normal cigarette. However, as there is no combustion taking place, there is no tar, carbon monoxide or other ingredients associated with traditional smoking.


The e cig is made up of the following; a battery, cartridge, and an atomizer. The e liquid is the substance that contains the nicotine and flavouring, this is put into the cartridge and absorbed by the filling. You can choose an e liquid that suits your current nicotine intake and taste buds. This ranges from coffee flavouring, fruit flavourings and traditional cigarette tastes. You can also combine flavours if you wish, using DIY kits.


This makes the e cigarette a popular device amongst smokers who want a healthier alternative to smoking, and also those who want to cut down on their nicotine intake. This is because the nicotine levels can be varied and slowly reduced, something which allows the user to be in control of their habit. You can even get down to zero nicotine, still enjoying the physical sensations and motions of inhaling the e cig, but without an ounce of nicotine in sight.