Why Should I Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?

Why Should I Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?

When you start looking into the wonderful world of e cigarettes, it can be very easy to get a bit confused, especially if you’re looking to make the switch from normal cigarettes to e cigarettes. The news is littered with research and studies representing the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments, but how does that help you? It doesn’t – if you’re thinking of switching to e cigarettes forget all the noise and put yourself first – think about how switching can benefit you and focus on that.


So, Why Switch To E Cigarettes?


Well, there are more and more reasons to switch, here are just a few of them:


Your Health


This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s not always the first thing people think of. By smoking normal cigarettes you have a 50% chance of dying from an illness or disease related to your habit. That’s a shocking statistic you already know, so let’s focus on how vaping is a healthier option. Many, many scientists, health related charities and medical experts believe e cigs are much safer than normal cigarettes. The problem with smoking is that you burn tobacco which creates a hell of a lot of horrible chemicals that go into your body, and into the toxic smoke you exhale which affects those around you. When you vape you inhale a vapour, which is vaporised liquid containing nicotine. Scientists still do not know all the chemicals in cigarette smoke, but we do know exactly what is in e liquid. Vaping is dramatically better for your health than smoking.


Your Tastebuds!


This is a double benefit – first and foremost your taste and smell will return in full. Food will taste phenomenal, you’ll smell everything much more vividly than you did before. Plus, you’ll have a world of eliquid flavours to explore! Drink flavours like coffee, pina colada, cola flavour. Pudding flavours like sticky toffee pudding, buttered popcorn and chocolate. Confectionary and fruit flavours like purple sweeties, toffee, cherry, strawberry – the list goes on.


Your Ability To Customise Your Vaping Experience


Many people start with ‘cigalikes’, e cigarettes that look like normal cigarettes, eventually moving onto refillables and then variable voltage e cigarettes. When you become more educated and experienced with e cigarettes you will find you have control over the type of vaping experience you have. From flavour, vapour levels and throat hit – it’s all up to you.


Your Authentic Smoking Experience


When you switch to e cigarettes you have the ability to recreate that ‘authentic smoking experience’. It will always be a little bit different to smoking normal cigarettes, but the vapour, throat hit and tobacco eliquid flavours available enable you to have a really similar experience to smoking.


Your Safety


Cigarettes are little burning sticks that have been known to cause house fires after people have dropped them or fallen asleep with one in their hand. E cigarettes are completely safe and although they use a heating element, these are only activated by you and won’t malfunction due to safeguards in the device.


Your Ease Of Purchase


Cigalikes are available from supermarkets, garages and generally anywhere that sells normal cigarettes. You can also buy some from bargain shops. When you swap to refillables and variable voltage e cigarettes you’ll have a wide range of high street e cigarette retailers to visit, as well as a huge amount of reputable online retailers as well.


Your Bank Balance


It is very difficult to say how much e cigarettes are on average as they vary so much in model and kit types. However, when you invest in an e cigarette it will last you a long time, as long as you have the relevant replacement parts and refills recommended. For a 20 a day smoker, the habit can cost well over �200 a month. With the average e cigarettes starter kit costing around �30 – �45 with eliquids costing a couple of pounds a bottle (without considering special offers) it’s really easy to see how much cheaper vaping is compared to smoking normal cigarettes.


Your Freedom


A lot of people hate the fact that smoking means going outside in the freezing cold or bad weather for a few miserable puffs, just to feed a habit. With vaping, you can sit inside your home and vape without worrying about your health, the health of those around you, the weather outside, or any nasty smells sinking into your upholstery from cigarette smoke. You can also vape in a lot more places than you can smoke. There are vape cafes, shops that still allow vaping and public transport that still allows vaping. There is also stealth vaping which is where you vape ‘secretly’ wherever you want (even in banned placed), although we cannot advocate that practise.


No Second Hand Smoke


Second hand smoke is a big killer, in fact you may have recently seen the newspaper story about the lady who was told her pet had died of cancer caused by inhaling her second hand smoke. Second hand smoke smells, is full of toxins and affects everyone around you. With vaping, there is no second hand smoke, just a plume of safe, pleasant smelling vapour that dissipates quickly.


Your Ability To Take Control Of Your Nicotine Addiction


Because eliquid flavours come in various different strengths of nicotine, you can slowly wean yourself off it if you want to.