Will An Electronic Cigarette Help Me To Stop Smoking?

Will An Electronic Cigarette Help Me To Stop Smoking?

Deciding to quit smoking is not an easy task. You may have decided to quit smoking to improve your breathing, reduce your risk of disease, or for your family’s sake. Whatever your motivation may be, quitting is tough. But you are not the only one – many millions of people across the world are in your position. Unfortunately, many people fail to quit successfully – quickly finding a reason to reach for the cigarette. This might be stress at work, a social occasion or a big event which leads many people to light up a cigarette despite having the best intentions to start with.


Quitting on your own is difficult as the physical withdrawal from nicotine causes the body to endure some painful side effects, such as nausea, light-headedness, drowsiness and irritability. This is why many people turn to the e cigarette as an aide to quitting smoking.


When used properly, many people believe that electronic cigarettes really can help you quit smoking. They work in a similar way to nicotine gums, patches, mints and tablets because they give the user a hit of nicotine (the chemical which makes smoking addictive) so these withdrawal symptoms can generally stay at bay.


However, the e cigarette goes one step further. The e cig mimics a normal cigarette, handling in the same way to the point where the user even inhales and tastes a normal cigarette. This physical mimicking means that the user feels like they have been smoking, when in fact the e cig does not deliver the same chemicals to the body – like tar and carbon monoxide.


There are many different e liquid nicotine strengths to choose from, and this is what makes the e cig unique and flexible. You can start using an e liquid which is a similar strength to what you’re used to – they come in high, medium and lower strengths. You can then gradually cut down on your nicotine intake, sensibly and slowly reducing your ingestion of nicotine. The odourless vapor that is produced from the e cig may make others think you’re still smoking normal cigarettes – but in fact the vapour is harmless.


What-s great about electronic cigarettes is that they cater to both the physical and chemical addiction – so the user can feel in control of their quitting progress. Studies show that many people effectively use this method to quit smoking. After you have successfully weaned yourself off the nicotine chemical, you have no need to stop using the e cig. E liquids are available which contain no nicotine at all.