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Using Eliquid to Suit Your Unique and Individual Requirements

Eliquid or ejuice, is the substance used in the electronic cigarette and provides the user with the flavour and the hit of nicotine. It also contains the chemical which releases the water vapour from the electronic device, which mimics smoke but is actually harmless. It is vital in order for the electronic cigarette to work.

The great thing about eliquid is that you can choose one around what you want as a smoker. For example, eliquid comes in different nicotine strengths, from superhigh down to zero and you can choose one that suits your own habits.

A very heavy normal smoker may want a higher level of nicotine in order to meet their stronger urges for this drug. What many people do, especially those attempting to cut down on their traditional smoking habit in conjunction with the e cigarette, is choose a higher level of nicotine eliquid and then gradually cut down on this over time, until eventually the zero nicotine eliquid is used. Other people choose a lower dose so they have just enough nicotine to suit their addiction and stop them reaching for a normal cigarette. Don't be fooled by the rumours that eliquid nicotine is not "as strong" as normal cigarettes and try a lower dose to start with, just to make sure. The nicotine in the eliquid is just as strong and effective as in a cigarette, and in fact overdosing on more than you are used to can make you sick - so choose the right strength to start with and then figure it out from there.

Another favourable aspect of the ejuice is the variety of flavours that it comes in. Typical flavours include menthol, which releases a minty taste to the user when they inhale. Other flavours include apple, cherry, L&B and RY4 eliquid. Some people, perhaps the more adventurous e cigarette user, can experiment between flavours and even combine flavours together to suit their tastes.

To use e liquid, you simply drop 2 to 3 drops into the e cigarette cartridge. The bottles are designed to minimise leakage and to allow an easy process. The eliquid bottles are small and discreet, so you can drop them into your handbag or pocket with ease.

Many e cigarette users try different e liquid flavours and strengths and adopt a kind of "trial and error" process to see which combination of nicotine and flavours suit them best. Of course, your tastes may change throughout the day. In the morning, you may require a higher strength nicotine combined with a coffee flavour eliquid - but in the evening you may want something a lot lighter and perhaps something that tastes like a normal traditional cigarette. At lunch time you may want a refreshing flavour; it really is up to you and what you like may not be what your friend likes so don't be afraid to experiment and find out what you like best.

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