Dessert E-Liquid FAQs

What Is Dessert E-Liquid?

Dessert e-liquid is a bit of a catch-all category describing almost any sweet vape juice flavour except plain fruit. Fruit e-liquid has its own category. Vape juice makers use a variety of food-grade flavourings to create their sweet vape juice blends – and considering the many thousands of food-grade flavour concentrates available today from purveyors around the world, the number of potential combinations is just about endless. A dessert e-liquid can have anything from a relatively simple flavour profile like strawberries and cream to something more complex, like a blend of cheesecake and blueberries layered over a graham cracker base.

Dessert flavour e-liquid often includes the sugar-free sweetener sucralose. If you enjoy diet soda, you’re probably familiar with sucralose already because it’s one of the world’s most popular low-calorie sweeteners. Sucralose tastes so much like real sugar that it’s truly been a game changer for soda drinkers. It has a similar effect on e-liquid; a bit of sucralose can make a dessert e-juice taste almost like a real candy, snack or beverage.

Sucralose does have a small drawback, though, in that it leaves a dark, sticky residue that shortens the life of a vape coil. If you use e-liquid with sucralose, you’ll need to replace your coils more often. For better coil life, try a dessert e-liquid without sucralose. A dessert e-liquid can still taste sweet without an added sweetener. With a bit of experience, you’ll easily be able to tell whether a vape juice includes sucralose or not.

Why Choose Dessert E-Liquid?

The biggest reason why you should buy dessert flavour e-liquid is because that’s what will give you the highest probability of enjoying your vaping experience to the fullest possible extent. We can actually say that with a great deal of certainty because vaping has been around for so long at this point that a significant amount of research has been conducted into the flavour preferences of the vaping community. Most of the people who have switched completely to vaping and have stopped smoking for good prefer sweet vape juice flavours rather than savoury flavours like tobacco – and when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Cigarettes taste awful. Why would you use an e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette when you could use one that tastes like your favourite candy?

The other reason why so many people love dessert e-liquid is because vape juice manufacturers flavour their products with the same food-grade flavouring agents used by companies in the snack, beverage and candy industries. A cigarette isn’t food, and it’s impossible to recreate the flavour of cigarette smoke in a convincing way using food flavourings. A dessert vape juice, on the other hand, can taste like a very realistic clone of your favourite snack or candy. Since e-liquid uses food flavourings, you’re always most likely to enjoy a flavour that’s fairly true to life if you buy an e-liquid that’s intended to taste like food.

What Strength Dessert Vape Do I Need?

When you buy dessert e-liquid, you can use your vaping equipment to provide a general guideline as to what the correct nicotine strength is for your needs. If you use a vape mod with a large glass tank designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, you should use an e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength. We suggest starting with the 3 mg/ml nicotine strength and switching to the 6 mg/ml strength if you find the experience unsatisfying.

On the other hand, you might be a user of a smaller vaping device such as a pod system. If that’s the case, you should use a higher-strength e-liquid to compensate for the relatively low cloud production of your vaping hardware. Try a nicotine salt e-liquid with a strength of 18-20 mg/ml. Switch to a lower nicotine strength if you experience throat irritation or simply feel like your nicotine intake is too high.

What Are the Different Types of Dessert E-Liquid?

Since you can call just about any vape juice a dessert e-liquid if it has a sweet flavour profile, there is an incredible amount of variety in this flavour category. These are the most common types of dessert e-liquid.

  • Classic Desserts: These are the e-liquids that taste like famous dessert foods like cake, pie, pudding and doughnuts. It’s common for classic dessert e-liquids to have fairly complex flavour profiles incorporating notes of fruit, dough, frosting and more.
  • Beverages: Drink flavour e-liquids capture the experience of things like sodas, sweetened coffee drinks and fruit smoothies. Although we consider “Ice” dessert e-liquids to be their own separate category, it’s very common for e-liquid makers to add a bit of menthol to their beverage e-liquids to simulate the experience of enjoying an icy drink.
  • Candies: This is an area where dessert e-liquids really shine. Candy makers flavour their products with the same natural and artificial flavours that vape juice makers use. Therefore, it’s possible with a bit of experimentation to create an almost perfect copy of just about any candy in vapour form. No matter what your favourite candy is, you can probably find a vape juice that tastes exactly like it.
  • Ice: An ice e-liquid is a vape juice that adds a bit of menthol to a dessert flavour profile. In many cases, the addition of menthol seems perfectly obvious and natural. What would an ice cream vape juice taste like, for instance, if it didn’t have a cool finish? In other cases, though, companies have created “On Ice” versions of just about all of their popular products. Have you ever tried an e-liquid combining a candy base with a menthol finish? It’s a lot of fun.
  • Custard: Custard occupies its own special niche within the dessert e-liquid flavour category because the creation of custard vape juice has evolved into a distinct art all its own. A traditional custard e-liquid has four primary flavour notes: egg, cream, vanilla and sugar. It’s the balance of those notes, however, that makes custard e-liquids so different from one another. The members of the vaping community have shown that they really enjoy custard’s balance of sweet and savoury notes. For that reason, just about every major vape juice brand has at least one custard e-liquid
  • Cereal: Cereal is one of the world’s most popular high-calorie indulgences, and that’s one of the reasons why cereal vape juice has become so popular within the vaping community. By combining sweet notes with a base flavour of toasted grains, it’s possible to create a very convincing cereal flavour in vapour form. Fruity cereal and cinnamon toast cereal are two of the most popular types of cereal e-liquids.