Menthol E-liquid FAQs

What Is Menthol E-Liquid?

Menthol e-liquid is any vape juice that uses menthol or similar cooling agents to create an icy blast in the throat during vaping. Choosing a menthol flavour e-liquid doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy something that attempts to taste like a menthol cigarette because the full range of menthol e-juice flavours is much wider than that. In addition, a menthol e-liquid doesn’t always have to overwhelm your senses with coldness. In some cases, a manufacturer will add a very small amount of menthol just to give a product a slightly cool finish. The range of possibilities with menthol e-juice is enormous.

Why Choose Menthol E-Liquid?

You don’t have to be a current or former menthol cigarette smoker in order to enjoy the experience of using a menthol e-liquid. It’s likely that you’ll enjoy menthol vape juice if you’re a former menthol smoker because the menthol used to flavour cigarettes is exactly the same as the menthol in e-liquid. The second reason why so many people buy menthol e-liquid in the UK is something you’re probably aware of already: Menthol cigarettes are banned here. Menthol vape juice is still available, though, to encourage menthol smokers to transition to a less harmful alternative. If you’re missing your menthol cigarettes, you’ll enjoy the icy coolness you love when you buy menthol vape juice.

Menthol e-juice is also popular because it can add an exciting new dimension to existing e-liquid flavours. A bit of menthol can make a beverage flavour taste almost like drinking a real beverage poured over ice. With a little menthol, a candy-flavoured e-liquid can taste like an authentic frozen treat. The only limit is the creativity of the e-liquid’s maker.

The final reason why so many people buy menthol vape juice is because the icy sensation in the throat can mimic the feeling of throat hit in a lower-nicotine e-liquid. If you’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake, you may find that using a strong menthol e-liquid can help to make the experience feel more satisfying.

What Are the Different Types of Menthol E-Liquid?

Virtually all menthol e-juice on the market falls into one of three categories. We suggest trying all three to find out what your favourites are.

  • Menthol Tobacco: These are the e-liquids that combine menthol with a base flavour of tobacco in order to create a flavour profile resembling that of a tobacco cigarette. This is the flavour category that many menthol cigarette smokers try when they first switch to vaping.
  • Double Menthol/Ice Menthol: These are the e-liquids that use menthol – sometimes blended with mint – as the only flavour element. If you like an e-liquid with a flavour that’s neutral and suitable for any situation, you might enjoy an ice menthol vape juice. This is also the flavour category in which you’ll find the strongest menthol e-liquids. The most powerful double menthol e-liquids provide a cooling sensation that’s much more intense than any menthol cigarette. If the coolness was your primary reason for smoking menthol cigarettes, you’ll probably love the strongest menthol e-liquids.
  • Menthol Blend: These are the e-liquids that use menthol as a secondary flavour rather than a primary one. Menthol blends have been extremely popular in recent years, as vape juice companies around the world have released “Ice” versions of their most famous products. If you’ve avoided beverage e-liquids in the past because they taste like drinks you’d ordinarily consume cold, you’ll probably enjoy menthol blends. Fruit-and-menthol and candy-and-menthol e-liquids are also very popular.

What Strength Menthol Vape Do I Need?

Choosing the right nicotine strength is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you’ll have a good experience when you buy e-liquid. We carry menthol e-liquid in two categories: with freebase nicotine and with nicotine salt. Although you can find any type of e-liquid in virtually any nicotine strength if you search long enough, e-liquids with nic salts generally come in higher strengths. Freebase nicotine vape juice, on the other hand, usually comes in lower strengths.

  • Choose freebase nicotine menthol e-liquid if you have a powerful vape mod designed for the direct-to-lung inhaling style. People who prefer direct-to-lung vaping usually use the 3 mg/ml nicotine strength. We suggest starting with that and increasing your nicotine strength to 6 mg/ml only if you’re absolutely sure that you aren’t getting enough nicotine.
  • Choose nicotine salt menthol e-liquid if you have a pod system or other small vaping device designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style. Nicotine salt e-liquid usually comes in a higher strength of about 20 mg/ml and a lower strength of about 10 mg/ml. We suggest starting with the higher strength to ensure that your first vaping experience will be as satisfying as smoking a cigarette. If you are already a full-time vaper and are trying a pod system with nicotine salt for the first time, start with the lower strength.

Does Menthol E-Liquid Taste Like a Menthol Cigarette?

You may find that a menthol e-liquid tastes more like a real cigarette than a plain tobacco e-liquid does. That’s because there is no difference between the menthol in a cigarette and the menthol used to flavour e-liquid. That allows a menthol vape juice to deliver an experience very similar to that of smoking a menthol cigarette.

Before you try a menthol tobacco e-liquid for the first time, it’s important to remember that no e-liquid in the world tastes exactly like a real cigarette. Tobacco isn’t used as an e-liquid flavouring – and even if it was, a liquid tobacco extract could never taste like cigarette smoke because there’s no combustion in vaping. Since there’s no smoke, the flavour of a tobacco e-liquid will always be different from that of a cigarette.

With that being said, vape juice makers have increased greatly in skill over the years – and they’ve gotten better than ever at using different combinations of food-grade flavours to create extremely tasty and satisfying tobacco e-liquids. If you’re a former menthol cigarette smoker, we encourage you to try a few menthol tobacco e-juices and find out how you feel about them. If the flavour isn’t to your liking, try a double menthol e-liquid instead.

What Flavours Blend Well with Menthol?

One of the biggest discoveries vape juice makers have made over the past several years is that almost anything tastes great with menthol. When the e-liquid makers of the world realised that it was possible to create a menthol vape juice using menthol as a secondary flavour element rather than a primary one, they opened up an entirely new flavour category that has proven to be extremely popular with the vaping community.

If you’d like to know what a menthol blend e-liquid tastes like, we suggest trying a vape juice that combines a bit of menthol with the flavour of one of your favourite fruits. Mango, strawberry and blue raspberry are three fruit flavours that work exceptionally well with menthol, and the experience of vaping one of those e-liquids is almost like drinking a blended fruit smoothie.