Fruit E-Liquid FAQs

What Is Fruit E-Liquid?

Fruity vape juices use various combinations of food-grade flavourings to capture the flavour of one or more fruits. Flavour purveyors around the world have created an enormous variety of extremely realistic fruit flavourings, both by extracting those flavours from real fruits and by synthesising the flavours in laboratories. A fruity e-liquid may capture the flavour of an individual fruit, or it may feature a blend of fruity notes. With many fruit e-liquids, fruit is only one element of a complex dessert, bakery, cereal or candy flavour profile – and when you consider the enormous variety of ways in which fruity notes can be used in the creation of vaping liquids, it’s no wonder that fruit flavours are as popular as they are.

Why Choose Fruit E-Liquid?

Fruit e-liquid is the most popular type of vape juice by a fairly wide margin. Surveys of thousands of vapers have shown that, among those vapers who have quit smoking completely and now vape full time, fruit flavours are more popular than any other type of e-liquid. You may love fruit flavours even if you think that you prefer another type of vape juice such as tobacco. Many people switch to sweet flavourings permanently as soon as they realise that sweet e-liquids are just as satisfying as savoury ones.

The other reason why you should buy fruity e-liquids is because there’s an enormous variety of different flavours available. Do you prefer tropical fruits or orchard fruits? There are dozens of individual fruit flavours on the market – and vape juice makers can use those flavours in an infinite variety of combinations. Do you prefer an e-liquid that tastes like a fresh fruit or one that tastes more like a fruity candy? Would you rather have an e-liquid with an individual fruit flavour or a fruity blend? There are more fruit e-liquids on the market today than any other type of vape juice.

What Are the Different Types of Fruit E-Liquid?

Considering the incredible number of different types of e-liquid there are today – and considering that almost all of those e-liquid flavours are compatible with fruit – it shouldn’t surprise you at all to learn that there are more types of fruit vape juice on the market today than we could possibly name on one page. Most fruit e-liquids, however, fall into one of four basic categories.

  • A single fruit e-liquid captures the flavour of one fruit in vapour form. While this type of vape juice might sound fairly simple on the surface, the execution of a single-fruit e-liquid is often anything but easy. For starters, the vape juice’s manufacturer must decide whether to recreate the flavour of the fresh fruit or something more akin to a fruit candy. Second, even a single-fruit e-liquid doesn’t usually contain just a single flavour – it’ll often contain a blend of flavours from several different providers to create a unique interpretation of that fruit. A great single-fruit e-liquid is truly something to be treasured.
  • A fruit mix e-liquid captures the flavour of multiple fruits blended together. Typically, a vape juice in this category will feature a mix of three different fruits. More than that, and the individual flavour notes become difficult to discern. The fruit combinations that you can encounter in this category are endless, but it’s extremely common for a fruit mix e-liquid to feature a blend of either orchard fruits or tropical fruits. For example, an orchard blend e-liquid might contain notes of apple, peach and mixed berries. A tropical e-liquid might feature notes of papaya, mango and pineapple.
  • A blended fruit e-liquid uses a fruity flavour as a part of a more complex flavour profile rather than making the fruit note the e-liquid’s primary flavour element. For example, you might find an e-liquid in this category that captures the flavour of a hard candy by blending a mango note with a candy base. You can also find e-liquids that taste like fruity cereals and fruity beverages. It’s particularly popular to combine fruit and bakery flavours. If you’ve never had a vape juice that tastes like a doughnut smothered in blueberry frosting, it’s an experience that every vaper should have at least once.
  • A fruit and ice e-liquid blends a fruity base with a cool menthol finish. The most popular flavour profile you’ll find in this category is that of the famous frozen fruit slush. With a bit of menthol, this type of e-liquid can really capture the experience of drinking a refreshing slush from your favourite convenience store. Other fruit and ice e-liquids capture flavours that you aren’t likely to find in the culinary world. You might not be likely to freeze a bag of candy, for instance, but many vape juice makers have created very popular e-liquids by adding menthol to candy flavours.

Does Fruit E-Liquid Taste Like Real Fruit?

Makers of vape juice flavour their products with the same food-grade natural and artificial flavours that companies use when manufacturing beverages, snacks and candies. Some of those flavours are extracted directly from botanical sources, and others are created in laboratories. Since it’s easier to capture the flavours of some fruits than others, you’ll find that there’s a bit of variance in how realistic some fruit e-juices taste. Some taste almost like real fruit or fruit juice, and others taste more like fruit candy. If you have a particular favourite fruit, we encourage you to try several e-liquids featuring the flavour of that fruit in order to get a better idea of what e-liquids with that flavour typically taste like.

If you try a few e-liquids featuring the flavour of your favourite fruit and find that they aren’t realistic enough for your taste, consider trying some e-liquids using that flavour as part of a more complex blend. The flavour of blueberry, for instance, isn’t particularly realistic on its own in e-liquid form. Blended into a bakery flavour profile, though – like in the doughnut example mentioned above – a blueberry note can become much more convincing. It’s all about finding the flavour profile in which your favourite fruit shines the brightest.

What Strength Fruit E-Liquid Do I Need?

When you buy vape juice, choosing the correct nicotine strength for your vaping equipment and for your personal needs is an absolutely crucial part of ensuring that you’ll have a good experience. An e-liquid’s nicotine strength generally falls into one of two groups.

  • A low-nicotine e-liquid usually has a strength of 3 or 6 mg/ml and uses the freebase form of nicotine.
  • A high-nicotine e-liquid usually has a strength of 10 or 20 mg/ml and uses the salt form of nicotine.

To choose the right nicotine strength when buying fruity e-liquid, the first thing you should consider is the type of vaping equipment that you’re using. If you’re using a large vape mod or vape pen with a tank designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, you’ll want to buy a low-nicotine e-liquid. Because today’s direct-to-lung vape tanks are so powerful, they generally produce so much vapour that the 6 mg/ml nicotine strength is unnecessary. We suggest buying the 3 mg/ml strength first and stepping up to the 6 mg/ml strength only if you’re sure that you aren’t getting enough nicotine. Remember; using the 6 mg/ml strength will mean that you’ll get twice as much nicotine per puff. For most people who use powerful vape mods, that’s too much nicotine.

If you’re using a small vape pen or pod system, you’re using a device designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style. That’s especially likely if you’re new to vaping because the mouth-to-lung inhaling style is what most closely mimics the act of smoking. In this case, we suggest using high-nicotine e-liquid. If you’re new to vaping, you should try the 20 mg/ml nicotine strength first. If you find vaping unpleasant or feel like you’re getting more nicotine than you need, switch to the 10 mg/ml nicotine strength.

What Are the Most Popular Fruity E-Liquid Flavours?

If you’ve stuck with tobacco or menthol e-liquids so far during your time as a vaper and haven’t experimented with fruity flavours yet, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when shopping for fruit e-juice for the first time because of the incredible variety available. What flavour should you try first if you haven’t experienced any fruit e-liquids before? These are few of the most popular fruit vape juice flavours currently on the market.

  • Apple: An apple e-liquid may capture the sweet flavour of a red apple or the tart flavour of a green apple. If you enjoy sour e-liquid flavours, you should try a vape juice intended to taste like a sour green apple candy; it’s one of the most popular flavour profiles in the vaping community.
  • Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant is one of the most popular fruity e-liquid flavours among UK vapers. Blackcurrant’s sweetness is offset by a slightly tannic finish; vape juice makers have done an excellent job of capturing that complexity in vapour form.
  • Blue Raspberry: Although the blue raspberry isn’t a real fruit, you might not realise that if you were a child of the ‘90s because it seemed like every snack and beverage in the world turned blue during that decade. Blue raspberry e-liquid does an excellent job of capturing the flavour you remember from your childhood.
  • Mango: Mango e-liquids have been some of the most popular products in the vaping community over the past several years. Mango vape juice often does an excellent job of capturing the sweet-and-sour balance of the real fruit.
  • Peach: Peach e-liquid deserves special consideration if you’re a fan of tobacco vape juice. A bit of peach flavour can add a wonderfully sweet finish to a tobacco e-liquid.
  • Strawberry: While the flavour of a strawberry e-liquid might taste a bit more like a strawberry candy than a fresh strawberry, this flavour works exceptionally well when it’s blended with creamy notes and toasted grain flavours.