6 Things That Drive Vapers Crazy!!!

April 29, 2022 2 min read

So we wanted to find out what really annoyed vapers, you know what drove them crazy about vaping. Below are 6 annoyances that drive vapers crazy:

Taste Is Subjective:

Yes you may love your apple and cherry flavoured e liquid but that does not mean that it is any better than my mine. On a similar note while you may not like a flavour that I vape that does not mean that it is not nice. Yes you may not like it and that is fine but last time I checked your taste buds do not constitute what is nice and what was not.

Battery Charging Safety

I have lost count on how many times I have read about some guy who has used his iPhone charger or another type of charger that is not officially supported by their e cig and then complain when the thing sets on fire and burns down their house. Seriously what did you expect? I don't know how many times this has to be said but NEVER use a charger that does not come with the device or is officially supported. On top of that leaving any electronic device charging all day long unsupervised is never a great idea!!!

E Cigs Are Bad For You

So is ill informed and an uneducated advice. You may have seen in the news that e cigs are the devils work and that they are more dangerous to our health than smoking 'analogs' but there is also countless research and studies that have been published that say otherwise. The truth of the matter is that vaping does need more research as it is currently new, only coming about over the past few years but that does not mean it is bad. You only have to look at the amount of people who have quit smoking due to electronic cigarettes to see that they are a good thing.

 People Who Abuse Vaping

There are those that vape in order to wean themselves off smoking, those that vape as a hobby and others who use electronic cigarettes to look cool and blow 'clouds' in their friends faces. It is this last group that the issue lies with. Electronic cigarettes are helping countless people quit smoking, stop giving them a bad name and spoiling it for everyone else!!! E cigs are not making you look cool, and neither are those pants half way down your legs and that big gold chain.

Vaping Encourages Kids To Smoke

Really? Even though some of the e liquid flavours are sweet flavoured this does not mean that they are targeted towards kids. Believe it or not adults have taste buds too!!!

Novelty Devices

You know the ones I mean, like those electronic cigarettes with the false mustaches on them so when you vape it looks like you have a mustache. These although they are meant to be funny just take away from the serious issue that e cigs help with.