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If you’ve just started vaping, chances are that you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the equipment and the jargon that you were met with at the point of purchase. It can take a bit of time to get to grips with it all but you’ll soon have it down and be wondering what you were worried about at the beginning.

To help get you started, here are some expert tips from the team here at Simply Eliquid to help you make sure your new ecigarette stands the test of time – and stops you from going back to smoking for real.

Don’t let the eliquid run down too low

If you’re running out of eliquid in your device, don’t continue to vape until you can top it back up again. If you carry on smoking, you could experience dry burn which tastes horrible and you could burn the atomiser out.

Store the device properly

Leaks can occasionally happen with ecigs and the main reason for it is because they’re not being stored in the right way. Don’t leave it on its side or upside down, or you’ll potentially flood the air holes on the clearomiser. Keep it well away from water, as well as out of direct sunlight and don’t expose it to high temperatures.

Clean it regularly

Denton ELiquid & Vape Shop

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your ecig. Remove the clearomiser from the battery and take the atomiser and mouth piece apart as well if you can. Not all clearomisers can be taken apart, however, so don’t worry if you can’t. Wash with hot water and leave to dry for 24 hours at least. Having a backup ecig is wise, otherwise you could find yourself without an option when a craving hits.

If you have any other questions relating to ecigarette purchase or care, come and see us at our Denton store.

The manager there is James and he’s been with us for more than five years – so you can trust that he knows everything about ecigs, liquids and mods. Our Denton shop has a huge range of eliquids, from popular suppliers across the US, the UK and the rest of the world, as well as all the latest ecigarette kits. There’s also parking available so don’t worry if you’re in your car!

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