Integrated Battery Vape Mods FAQs

What Is a Built-in Battery Vape?

A vape mod with a built-in battery has an internal battery pack that’s soldered directly to the mod’s motherboard. The fact that the battery is a permanent part of the device is the fundamental thing that makes this type of device different from a removable battery vape. Otherwise, you’ll get all of the same features that you would normally expect from a vape mod, such as temperature control and the ability to adjust settings through a built-in menu system.

What Are the Benefits of Internal Battery Mods?

If you’re shopping for vape kits, choosing between a removable battery box mod and an internal battery mod is the most important decision you’ll make because the battery configuration is probably the biggest factor separating the various vape mods on the market from one another. These are the benefits of choosing an internal battery mod.

  • A vape mod with a built-in battery is typically much smaller and lighter than one with a removable battery. That’s because a removable battery mod – whether it’s a single battery device or a dual battery device – requires extra hardware such as a heavy battery door and thick metal contact plates to hold the battery in place. An internal battery mod doesn’t need that extra hardware because the battery is wired directly to the motherboard. With an internal battery mod, the device is often barely larger than the battery inside it.
  • Internal battery mods are almost always less expensive than mods with removable batteries. That’s partially because of the reduced requirement for internal hardware as described above. A built-in battery mod also costs less because there’s no need to buy separate batteries.
  • Owning an internal battery mod means that you never need to worry about storing or transporting batteries safely as you do with a removable battery mod. The battery is permanently stored within the mod, and there’s no way to remove it without disassembling the entire device. If you’re nervous about owning a removable battery mod because you don’t feel confident about handling bare lithium-ion batteries, an internal battery mod is ideal for you.

What Are the Features of an Internal Battery Mod?

No two vaping devices are exactly alike, but there are a few features that most of the best internal battery mods have in common. These are the three features that you can expect when you buy a built-in battery mod.

  • Compatibility with anyvape tank. An internal battery mod typically uses the industry-standard 510 threading for vape tanks and atomizers, so whatever attachment you’d like to use will fit on the device without any trouble. Every vape tank has a certain power range in which it operates most efficiently, and an internal battery vape mod will have fully adjustable wattage settings to ensure that it’ll give you a great experience with any tank or atomizer.
  • Top-notch portability. Miniaturization of electronic components has made it possible for companies to create internal battery mods that are only slightly larger than the batteries inside them. Even if you buy the best built-in battery mod with the widest power range and the longest battery life, it’ll still probably fit in your pocket. If you prefer mouth-to-lung tanks and don’t need something with amazing power delivery, you can buy a smaller internal battery mod, and you’ll still have a device capable of giving you battery life far superior to what you’d get with any vape pen.
  • Impressive durability. When you buy an internal battery mod, you’re basically getting a device that comes with its own protective battery case. If you drop a vape mod with a removable battery on the floor, the battery may pop out of the device and sustain damage – and using a damaged lithium-ion battery is potentially dangerous. If you drop a device with an internal battery, on the other hand, the battery will most likely be completely fine.

Are Internal Battery Mods Safe?

If you’ve spent any time reading about lithium-ion batteries, you’re probably aware that they store an incredible amount of energy and have to be handled with extreme care. The battery in your vaping device, after all, isn’t so different from the battery cells in an electric car; the car simply has more cells. If a lithium-ion battery overheats or experiences a short circuit, it can vent hot gas or even catch fire.

With that having been said, most accidents involving lithium-ion batteries occur due to unsafe handling or improper charging. Using an internal battery mod means that the battery is a permanent part of the device, which makes improper transportation almost impossible. As we just mentioned, a built-in battery mod essentially comes with its own protective battery case. Therefore, internal battery vape mods are actually some of the safest vaping devices on the market.

When you use a built-in battery mod, the only thing that you really need to worry about is charging the device correctly. Your device will come with its own USB charging cable, and you should charge it only by connecting it to your computer. Don’t attempt to charge any vaping device with the USB wall adapter for a phone or tablet, because a charger for a mobile device will often use a stronger charging current than your vaping device can support.

What Vape Mod Has the Best Battery Life?

One limitation of using an internal battery vape mod is that you can’t simply remove the battery and replace it with a new one if you’re unhappy about the capacity of the battery included with the device. Since you’ll be using the battery included with the device as long as you own that device, it’s important to ensure that the battery has sufficient capacity for your needs.

The battery life of a vape mod is a function of two factors: the capacity of the mod’s battery and the power level at which you typically operate the mod. A battery’s capacity is expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh), and you’ll always find the battery capacity listed in the specifications when you shop for an internal battery vape mod. A larger number indicates that the battery has a higher capacity.

The other thing that you need to think about when buying a built-in battery mod is how hard you’ll be making the battery work when you use the device. Even the best mods on the market will have relatively short battery life if you connect a vape tank designed for real cloud chasing. If you’re planning to use a tank with a stainless-steel coil designed to operate at upwards of 100 watts, it’s wise to buy a device with the highest-capacity battery you can find.

Do Vape Mods Come With Batteries?

One of the biggest benefits of buying an internal battery vape mod is that the mod will always come with the battery. It’s a permanent part of the device, and it’s already installed and ready to use. When you remove your internal battery mod from the box, all that you need to do is connect the device to your computer to charge it. The device’s screen will indicate when the battery is fully charged. At that point, it’s ready to use.